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  • We all know of the #SaveTF2 event and how big it was, which has brought TF2 back in the light to mainstream gaming news for at least a short period of time, with majorly popular discussion channels like moist critical and someordinarygamers making videos discussing the game. Something we all can agree on is TF2 comp is undervalued in the E Sport scene these days. Why don’t we and the rgl organization take this boost in tf2 popularity and seize the moment somehow? There has to be a way to try. Does RGL have some sort of PR team? If not, why? Advertisements? Working with creators? Can we work to just getting the name out somehow as TF2 comp has some big potential right now to get some mainstream attention. I know things like this have been tried in the past and there’s many current issues like money and whatnot. Can someone educate me on what’s happened when we tried to get the name out in the past? Can someone tell me why it wouldn’t work? Thanks for reaading, I just want comp to be big man 😭

    also YES “mainstreaming” is a word I googled it 😼 😼 😼 😼 😼

  • I agree with working with other content creators, and I’ve tried/have. It’s just that either projects fall through or the individual players don’t want to work with us yet, mostly citing lack of competitive knowledge to me (or reservations about our current modes). I actually have a google doc of a list of YouTubers that I wanted to work with and reached out to, but all of them said no except for After Breakfast which did voiceover for a promotional NR6s video that never came out, and Octo for a bot tournament that didn’t happen after the main contact left the video team. I do think outreach is something we need to do, but we can’t expect the YouTubers to meet us on our terms, we have to try to give them what they want from us. Like I don’t think someone like Big Joey is going to have a great time if we stick him into a normal 6s or Highlander match, there has to be a content/fun reason to join up.

    A cup that I wanted to run was a “Clan Wars” cup, where we’d get different YouTubers in a tournament and their subscribers would play 12v12 matches against each other to see who has the strongest subscriber base (honestly a lot of these guys have big enough discords that they could just have their mods fight each other). We can do variations on that like offering a specific division of just YouTuber teams that play against each other week to week. But from the talks I’ve had we’re going to need to start being progressive again if we want to grab the YouTuber audience.

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