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  • People will be able to push through places easier for the good that does for offensive and the “bad” that does for defensive. It’s pretty much the biggest thing the map changes. The only other thing I am thinking about in terms of changing is removing props outside of Blu’s first spawn that I felt were there for the Red spy.

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  • The only thing I’m not keen on is the change to some stairs geometry and how that might affect pushes.

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

    • Fixed an exploit related to players impersonating other Steam accounts

    • Updated custom player sprays to be disabled for players by default

      • Players can opt-in to see custom player sprays on community servers in the Advanced Options menu
      • Custom player sprays and other temp files will be deleted when disconnecting from a server
    • Fixed an exploit related to creating unnamed Normal quality items

    • Removed the disconnect reason when a player leaves the server

    • Fixed the Fireproof Secret Diary not cloaking

    • Fixed the Medic’s weapon not hiding during the High Five taunt

    • Fixed the equip_region for the Crocodile Dandy

    • Fixed taunt_medic_heroic.wav not playing during case openings and trade-ups

    • Fixed the Heavy being able to crouch and jump while stunned

    • Fixed overhead player icons not drawing while connected to match servers

    • Fixed Dragon’s Fury projectiles not passing through tf_generic_bomb entities

    • Updated the tf_generic_bomb entity to allow passing the activator in the OnDetonate output

      • Toggle this feature using the Pass Activator option. Default is No.
    • Updated several of the Summer 2021 cosmetic items to add item_type_name descriptions

    • Updated the Coffin Nail warpaint for the shotgun to add the missing “has team color paintkit” attribute

    • Updated material for the Hazard Headgear to fix problems with painting and using minmap

    • Updated item schema with community fixes from Andrés S. (rabscootle)

    • Updated Spy invis materials with community fixes from Liam Stone (boba)

    • Updated description of the “Strange Part: Player Hits” item to match its name

    • Updated materials for the Time Out Therapy taunt

    • Updated the material for the RED dueling icon to match the BLU dueling icon

    • Updated backpack images for the Mislaid Sweater and Mr. Quackers to fix size and centering issues

    • Updated the description for the Backpack Expander

    • Updated the Resonation, Aggradation, and Lucidation unusual effects to fix a problem when taunting

    • Updated Golden Wrench, Saxxy, and Golden Frying Pan kills to use the Australium background for death notices

    • Updated the link for the New User Forum button in the main menu

    • Updated/Added some tournament medals

    • Updated the localization files

    • Updated cp_snakewater_final1

      • Minor visual fixes
      • Minor clipping fixes
      • Slightly increased spawn time when attacking last
      • Fixed some jumps being made impossible in previous update
      • Made some areas like respawn doors smoother to walk past
      • Nature & Wildlife preservation measures
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  • Time for the results of the poll. The map selection went pretty much as expected with some changes from last time in unexpected ways. Anyways, lets go ahead and just right into things

    Round 1

    alt text

    Round one starts off showing the percentage that a map got 1st pick. Vigil currently leads with a 27% pick followed by cp_steel at 19%, and lastly by ashville with 14%.

    Round 2

    alt text

    Already in round 2 we have 1% inactive votes, this means one person only chose Borneo as their favorite map and did not select any alternative map in their ranking. Ignoring that however we can see that the 2nd pick for those who initially chose borneo is pretty evenly spread unto the other map picks.

    Round 3

    alt text

    Now with cascade eliminated from the selection, we can see that those who had cascade followed up with a pretty even spread between upward, steel, and vigil.

    Round 4

    alt text

    This time with the elimination of lakeside, we see the upper most maps getting an even spread. However product and swiftwater once again did not get any picks, leading to swiftwater’s removal next round.

    Round 5

    alt text

    Swiftwater is eliminated in this round with most of the votes going to ashville. Sadly product will be eliminated next, falling out of favor compared to last time (got 1st place last time, this time got 5th place).

    Round 6

    alt text

    Now with product’s removal we see ashville start to slowly gain on the steel’s position. we can also see that our percentage of inactive votes has rose again, meaning that 3.8% of people only votes for the maps that has already been eliminated and none of the remaining maps. (this includes that one person who only voted for borneo.)

    Round 7

    alt text

    With the removal of upward, ashville finally overtakes steel to avoid getting eliminated and now we can finally see which map is the most popular HL map.

    Round 8 (Final Round)

    alt text

    Vigil wins with a final pick rate of 56%. Meaning that vigil won overall most favorite map as well as the most initial picks for favorite map in this poll. A much higher rating than last time when vigil got 3rd place. cp_steel held unto the reins and got into 3rd, a drop from 2nd place last time. And lastly, ashville came in and replaced product in the top 3 as well as replacing product as the most favorite koth map.

    Previous results:

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  • Thread Locked 🔒

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  • @puntero said in RGL & South American Inclusion:

    @Mothership said in RGL & South American Inclusion:

    @puntero okay, cus that was not at all said previously:

    @puntero said in RGL & South American Inclusion:

    @Mothership said in RGL & South American Inclusion:

    I was asking if simply post-phoning the rule until next season would suffice, as it would be a much easier argument to make if the real issue was the timeliness of the rule update.

    It would suffice, at least for now. A better solution could be discussed after this Season plays out.

    Sorry if that sentence was misunderstood. What I meant by that is discussing about this after Season 7 is finished (if there is room for it tho).

    Requesting discussion means that you have issues with the rule besides just the timing of it. Which is what I was trying to help to provide an additional solution for that you guys might not of thought of yet.

    I honestly don’t have any ideas that could assist you guys other than just trying to LFT on teams while you still can.

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