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  • @scaredy-bat do you have a screenshot of what you are referring to?

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  • Always was fun scrimming their team the past 2 seasons. They’re dedicated and scrim often. I know for sure they demo review, so you need to be motivated to improve and ready to play against a strong scrim schedule on this team.

    GL Yeye 😊

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  • I went and looked at Wish’s post and removed it.

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  • @pajaro said in Forums Feedback & Updates:

    im not referring to just that thread but seeing that literally 95% of the posts were deleted and not the actual spam thread itself was dumb. idk how you conclude that thread wasn’t a meme thread, take one look at it. what kind of comments do u think are actually going to be made on a thread like that?

    I talked to the person who posted the thread.

    And I agree with you which is why we didn’t delete those posts immediately, nor why we punished anyone who posted on it before we knew what the purpose of the thread was.

    However, just because you guys don’t take it seriously does not mean we are going to let everyone meme over every thread just because “lol idc”.

    the “mission statement” you quoted specifically says it’s supposed to be an OPEN SPACE, not a fuckin echo chamber where only wholesome things can be posted. I mean, you guys locked the crouch peaking thread, and for what? because it was talked about enough?? its a forum for fucks sake.

    …open space where constructive conversations, discussions, feedback, and ideas can be shared.

    And even then, we have the off-topic and landfill sections of the forums for you guys to meme it up.

    The crouch peeking thread isnt locked so I am not sure what you are talking about there.

    and finally, lft/lfp threads. that is such bullshit that u guys allow negative criticisms of players and teams, those get flagged as spam and get deleted to keep peoples feelings safe. idk why you would quote that specific rule when you say that “unfettered comments” shouldn’t be allowed on lfts, using that as an umbrella term as anything that’s not a positive comment on someone’s gameplay or as a teammate.

    I am not sure if you are fishing for something, but we do not delete negative criticisms , if you provide an example perhaps I can provide information on why it was deleted.

    alt text

    Let me provide some context. We used to allow unfettered comments in LFPs, which lead to some negative comments being posted and then the OP coming in to defend themselves. Then everyone and their cousin joined, attacking or defending, and then it spread to other threads. This happened multiple times on the previous forums which lead to these rules being created. We will not be removing this rule.

    And just so I dont have to repeat this again, we allow negative criticisms, however your post still have to follow the forum rules.

    In closing, we will continue to act as we have because those are the rules we are enforcing. If you have a suggestion for the rules that you would like to see, or something else, we can discuss that. However at this point, simply asking us to stop deleting posts because you disagree with our reasoning behind it, is not a good enough reason for us to change the current system. You may continue to respond if you like, however I believe I had said everything that needed to be said.

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  • Will def be a good team. Never played with any of these gamers, but playing against them has always been fun.

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  • @pajaro said in Forums Feedback & Updates:

    For the love of god stop deleting every single post you consider off topic, mothership. these forums are dead as fuck bc any juicy drama posted instantly gets deleted. why does rgl even let people make threads when the only threads that dont have their posts nuked is the frag clip thread and admin-made announcement threads

    I am assuming you are referring to that Tsun zu thread in which 99% of the replies were nothing but memes and spam. I verified that it wasn’t a meme/spam thread and therefor none of the spam should be been allowed to be posted in the first place. We have rules that you all must adhere to when using these forums and we will continue to enforce them. If you have a question or concern about a specific instance, I can perhaps shed some light or talk about that specific instance since every situation is unique due to context.

    I will also add that these are not the UGC forums, nor should they be viewed as such. The goal of these forums are plainly stated on the rules page:

    Mission Statement:

    The idea with the forums is to create an open space where constructive conversations, discussions, feedback, and ideas can be shared. It should be noted that the RGL Forums is a platform of

    Our goal isn’t to provide a platform for everyone to start drama on.

    @shaayy said in Forums Feedback & Updates:

    I second this. I had one of MY OWN POSTS deleted on MY OWN LFT THREAD because it was considered “off topic”.

    Bro let me determine that and report it or some shit lmfao, if its my post in my own thread dont fucking touch it lmfao

    You can view our specific rules regarding LFT/LFP threads on the rules page. Here is the specific part:

    Posts in LF threads must be about the user or team who posted the LF thread and may not include other discussion topics. Both Positive and Negative criticisms are allowed to be posted on LF Posts.

    I was not the one who deleted that post, however I will agree with it’s deletion.

    The reasons these rules exist for the LFT/LFP sections is because of drama and rule breaking that occurred from unfettered comments being allowed on the previous forums. We will not be rescinding this rule due to the pattern we have seen.

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  • Guys, please keep your comments on topic and do not spam. We allowed it to persist so I wont be flagging any of your posts, however please do not continue from this point on.

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  • She rang for my team a few times in the past and her arrows are insane.
    Very aware player and knows how to position herself to stay alive!

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  • btw, our main focus right now is heavies and engineers. so if you are interested in either of those two classes, please be sure to DM me or despy.

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  • I stole some of his strats. very good engineer.

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