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  • @Teapot said in Forums Feedback & Updates:

    The racism post from last week was a pretty good stress test of the forum format. It performed poorly in my opinion. Posts load as you scroll to the top or bottom, so you never leave the page. It also seems the number of posts on the page at any one time is capped – as you scroll more in, the posts in the other direction fall off. This makes finding earlier posts difficult, since it makes the “find” browser function worthless. Adding to that, I found that scrolling up would roll in more than one set of posts, so I would end up navigating well past where I wanted. (This was on Edge browser)

    Maybe for that thread it was a benefit to the forums, since it was entirely drama/flame. But more productive threads would benefit from a better system. I suggest a “return to tradition,” and give the threads a static partition, which you navigate by clicking a page link.

    One of the issues with the current forum software is that changing the default settings in regards to user settings like this wont update it for everyone. It will only affect the default settings for future users. Current users will maintain the settings they currently have and I am unable to do anything as I don’t have any ability to change them.

    It would be a good idea for us to poll this along with some other things to determine the overall community thought on the forum settings which would be a good way to evaluate and make decisions like this which directly affect future users.

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  • @Teapot

    You can change your settings to enable paginate in your settings via your user drop down:

    alt text

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  • jjslim i am under the impression you listen to a lot of kpop do you have any recommendations

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  • best homie hella player

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  • don’t let the spies know

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  • What’s new with koth_ashville_rc2c?

    • Teleporter jumping onto roof is now impossible
    • Blockbullets is now completely covering the stairs, as you could glitch them through the edging
    • The grates on batts to see under no longer allow stickies to awkwardly roll
    • Stickies no longer bounce off of the fence on batts


    Map Download - Google Drive

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  • Reposted from the old HL Forums:


    • Fixed prop on ruins (both sides have the same hitbox now)
    • Fixed multiple hitboxes (Pillars on bath house, stairs to point)
    • Removed the sun that was giving 1 team a clear advantage
    • Merged all the small ammo packs into a medium pack instead
    • Better respawn cabinets (Closer to the door, for those without resup binds)

    Before anyone asks, I don’t have the VMF anymore so I can’t actually edit anything, I just forgot I had this, so I might as well post it if anyone is interested. IMO this is basically just lakeside but without all the annoying shit.

    “If you are having lighting problems, put the following command into console
    mat_hdr_level 0”

    Download Link - Google Drive

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  • @HA-Johnny 1000% this

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  • @Kastaling said in Addressing Racism/Anti-LGBTQ Speech on Off-Platform Media:

    @cyclowns oh, my wording is a bit confusing. getting banned from rgl for saying it in a discord is what i meant

    then that question will be answered by league surveys in the future so we can actually collect reasonably good data from it

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  • @Kastaling “is it okay to get banned from a discord for saying the n word” actually is not what we are discussing

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