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    Requeueing now persists through updates, so you should be needing to queue as classes individually less often (if at all) Team voice chats now self-destruct after a couple minutes instead of immediately Players that play pugs and win at least one round of HL or 6s (captained or uncaptained) since September 18th are automatically entered into an exciting raffle for an upcoming RGL project currently called ‘100 Fish’. The top 3 players for each format are guaranteed a spot. Click the new ‘100 Fish’ button on the sidebar for a sneak peek 👀
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    Team Fortress 2 is once again back at Insomnia Gaming Festival, featuring some of the best teams from around the world competing for their chance at a £3000 prize pool! The event takes place from Friday, September 8th, to Sunday, September 10th. EssentialsTF will be streaming three days of content hosted live at the NEC in Birmingham, UK!

    Sign-ups for the tournament are here. The action will be streamed both at the event and online from 12pm BST (1pm CEST / 7am EDT) each day by EssentialsTF over at their Twitch page, so you can watch the event in-person or in the comfort of your own home!

    For the latest information, be sure to check out https://essentials.tf/insomnia71/ and the EssentialsTF Discord.

    Via: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/440/view/3673302243822549406

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    engineer sucks

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    And we’re back in the preseason! GGs to everyone from Season 15, but it’s time to get the next season on the move! Here you can find the most (hopefully) up-to-date model on what teams are trying to be in adv and their rosters! Please contact fuzze or BBLfrags on discord for roster updates as for what we have so far has been a lot of hearsay and not official rosters from leaders. Thanks and have a great day!

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    Proot was fine where it’s at. I would recommend removing the s4rr spot, and the hole in house. I love this map, but Sniper was already strong enough on the previous version with how easy it was to rotate between different angles + how small the map was (and still is).

    Also someone complained about having frame drops on the new version, so maybe some more optimization improvements are in order .

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    Hello, scientifically best engiee here, looking to get back into Highlander. This will be my first time in RGL so not looking to play at the top tier. I am available to play most days.

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    Thanks for sharing your perspective, see my attached notes for a (mostly tangential) overview of my future plans and aspirations for the pugs.
    in addition to the above, I should say, in a more on-topic vain than above, adding people to the team specifically because of their good reputation, connections, ect has been something we’ve considered in the past, but not something that’s gone far in practice. In case you guys didnt want to read allthat, i’ll put the final paragraph here for easy reading:

    Final thoughts, and to get off the tangent train and back on track with your initial comments to me, it’s true that PUG runners will be more or less obsolete under the pug site framework. While there are some wacky ideas I can’t talk about because they go over my head, I can say that because the pug site presents a fundamental paradigm shift in the needs of the pug team some changes in roles and responsibilities will be conducive to keeping the ship running. We have not decided what exactly those changes will look like, I’m interested in the idea of having staff specifically dedicated to community outreach, and am interested in hearing proposals from any takers as to what exactly that could look like. Keep in mind that because these pugs are open to everyone in order to facilitate new player involvement any plan to have community outreach/representation will have to allow for reps from both sides of the skill and experience perspectives. I will say, while I’m not a fan of the status quo if it’s not the best current solution, I don’t have final say over absolutely everything that goes on in RGL pugs, please don’t decide for yourself a certain way of doing things is the only way of doing things, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

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    Is it time to go into Government? (seriously though I can’t log in after SMS codes fml) I reset that bitch 10 times.


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