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  • Villa is a 5CP map set in a French hill town designed for 6v6 gameplay. It takes inspiration from pretty much every staple 5CP map, especially Gullywash, Badlands, Sunshine and Snakewater.

    alt text

    This map has been included in the following:
    RGL Traditional Sixes Fall 2019 Map Cup
    ozfortress: A Midsummer Night’s Cup 2020
    RGL No Restriction Sixes Season 2
    ETF2L Season 36 Preseason Map Cup
    RGL Traditional Sixes Season 3
    UGC 6v6 Season 33
    ozfortress ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020
    ozfortress Season 29
    RGL Traditional Sixes Season 4

    Current version: B17A

    TF2Maps: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/villa.8452/
    Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2113052569
    Callouts: http://comp.tf/wiki/Villa

  • Map plays well overall. Mid seems good. Last seems mostly good, though with a bit of awkwardness I can’t quite put my finger on, so I don’t feel confident making any suggestions there.

    Main areas that need work are on 2nd point, especially the main choke area. Holding 2nd while down numbers is too difficult because the dry push options through choke and fountain are too powerful. Now that library has 2 exits and is much easier to push, this issue is only compounded. As a result, 2nd is often completely forfeited if defenders are down 2, or at best you can spam from a super passive position back on battlements. The map would benefit from changes that promote aggressive defenses on 2nd near the choke area, which is what my feedback will focus on.

    Fountain exit should be made significantly shorter. Not quite as small as it was back in b7, but somewhere in between.
    alt text

    Make the cover around choke a hybrid of current and previous versions. Lower the hedge wall at choke back to how it was in b15, but keep the current tall see-through walls as they help a lot with sniper sightlines.
    alt text

    Revert the current pride-rock back to the old rock like in b15. Offer just a mini ramp to help with dodging spam. This will help to limit the options for attacks to flood into, and funnel them up the stairs towards the point, which is where some of the most exciting fights on this map used to take place. Current pride rock basically nullifies defending near the point, so it should be removed. This also happens to be better for sniper sightlines from the point into fountain.
    alt text

    Overall these changes would make the choke area have a better blend of heights, flow a lot better for fights, and offer better vision for both teams, and make defending 2nd a lot more viable against dry push flooding.

    Hope it helps.



    In response to feedback from the leaguewide survey, I’ve made an experimental version of B18. These are the changes:

    • Minor aesthetic changes around the map
    • Made the floor of the top left entrance into last transparent so that you can see into dungeon from above
    • Replaced the pride rock on second with a short ramp blocked by tall rocks
    • Replaced market stalls on mid with a non-transparent ledge and lamp post to block vision from the wood structure into second
    • Made the doorway between fountain and second shorter
    • Replaced the platform outside library on second with a ramp to improve accessibility
    • Removed the central platform on second
    • Added an entirely new pathway up to spire on second

    Again, this is an experimental version - none of these changes are guaranteed to be included in the next version. The map will be updated before next season starts, however.

  • B18 Update

    The changes introduced in the experimental version have been officially released as the B18 version

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