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  • B18 Update

    The changes introduced in the experimental version have been officially released as the B18 version

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    In response to feedback from the leaguewide survey, I’ve made an experimental version of B18. These are the changes:

    • Minor aesthetic changes around the map
    • Made the floor of the top left entrance into last transparent so that you can see into dungeon from above
    • Replaced the pride rock on second with a short ramp blocked by tall rocks
    • Replaced market stalls on mid with a non-transparent ledge and lamp post to block vision from the wood structure into second
    • Made the doorway between fountain and second shorter
    • Replaced the platform outside library on second with a ramp to improve accessibility
    • Removed the central platform on second
    • Added an entirely new pathway up to spire on second

    Again, this is an experimental version - none of these changes are guaranteed to be included in the next version. The map will be updated before next season starts, however.

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  • @lYnn Ah, that spot is unintentional (it’s from source’s bad handling of displacements). I can try to remove it, although won’t be too cut up about it if I am unable to do so as engineers can just place a tele on that roof for their heavies to take advantage of that spot, which is more intentional.

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  • @lYnn What spot are you talking about exactly?

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  • I’ve released an update for Cascade that includes an initial art-pass and several layout tweaks. Although the map is no longer dev textured, it is still very much a work in progress; gameplay, performance, visuals, etc, are not final. As always any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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  • @Alto Sorry for responding so late, I’ve been busy for the past month or so and didn’t check the forums until now. Thanks for pointing out these issues, I’ll try to address them in an update even if that requires significant changes. You mention this being unviable in HL, so I’d just like to clarify that this wasn’t intended as a HL map. It was built first and foremost as a Sixes map and secondarily as a Prolander map, so every point is designed with lower player counts in mind. That being said, you aren’t the first person to complain about sightlines on this map, so I’ll definitely try to address these issues.

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  • @pajaro Thanks for the feedback! Could you elaborate on why you feel the changes buffed sniper? Also it would be helpful to know if you’ve had a chance to play the latest version.

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  • @Dog-0 First would require a massive rework at this point to change it to have a more conventional hold, as the main problem with it is that Red basically need to hold opposite to where they need to back out, making it Easy for Blu to cut them off. I have seen teams still be able to hold first every now and then, and while it’s not such a conventional hold or anything, making it a mire holdable point would make Vigil a slower map, which I gather many people don’t want to happen.

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  • @Pain-Seer I’m not sure what causes shadows to appear through walls, but it’s certainly something that I can look into for the next version.

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  • I think some of these mentioned in the thread I have patched in the vmf, although I’m wanting to make a few more changes to last before I release, and other places are not really patchable by me, as it’s the non-orthogonal geometry that cases them to exist. I’ll have a closer look at each when I am closer to releasing the next version of Vigil.

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