NA Witness Gaming to Copenhagen Games 2022!

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  • Hi everyone!

    On May 27th, 2021, Copenhagen Games 2022 was announced. An Esport and Gaming festival event organized in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soon after, it was announced that Team Fortress 2 would be among the games featured at this event. After confirming with our ETF2L team that they would be in attendance, I had the idea to try and get our North American team over as well. There has not been an international TF2 LAN in nearly 2 years (the last being Insomnia65 on 8/23/2020) and having regional representation is important in open tournaments like this. I have a deep passion for this game, seeing improvements, and watching lifelong memories unfold.

    For those unfamiliar with our team’s roles, allow me to introduce the current NA Witness Gaming Roster:

    Pocket Scout: branslam
    Flank Scout: yight
    Pocket Soldier: ash
    Roamer: laz
    Demoman: artist
    Medic: LOLGUY

    As stands, this Witness Gaming roster (winners of RGL Traditional Season 6 Sixes) will be planning to be in attendance, representing North American Team Fortress 2. We’re bringing an incredible mix of talent, with three of our players (yight, ash, laz) already being internationally LAN proven and the other three (branslam, artist, LOLGUY) looking for their first taste of victory both on LAN and overseas.

    Hopefully, with the help of gracious contributions, we can recoup some of the losses in paying for this trip and play our very best for North America.

    Expenses and Fundraising

    To summarize, a full 6 person trip to Denmark isn’t exactly the cheapest venture when compared to traveling domestically. Here are the major areas where donations and contributions will be applied and most appreciated!

    • Flights

    • Room and Board

    • PC Rentals

    In addition, the team will travel to Copenhagen three days in advance and run Boot Camp from a LAN center in Copenhagen. All additional costs such as transport around the city, food, etc will be covered by the players. Please note that if we exceed our donation goal, any extra funds raised will be used to reimburse the player’s own costs, or saved for future Team Fortress 2 events. We will be offering lots of perks and milestones to help incentivize donations! You can view the full list of perks on our full fundraiser page here! This fundraiser will only be lasting 60 days and is set to end on January 3rd, 2022!

    30% of revenue generated from ANY Witness Gaming merch sales will contribute towards our goal. You can select from a wonderful selection of merch from t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and even socks over on RGL’s merch at!

    COVID-19 and Refunds

    COVID-19 has made organizing a full TF2 LAN extremely difficult. With borders risking shutdown and international travel becoming difficult. That being said, should the event be canceled at ANY point, we will honor any request donors make for a refund. We deeply appreciate your support, but understand that sometimes the unthinkable can occur.

    You can learn more about Indiegogos’ refund policy here!

    Our concerns with COVID-19, and how it will affect our travel plans will require consistent and constant monitoring of what’s happening in the world around us. Above all else, I would like to ensure that player and personal safety is upheld first and foremost. I will personally be keeping an eye on the situation and be posting more as information comes along, should any developments be made that hamper our plans to attend in the “Updates” tab of this specific campaign, along with steps you can take as a donor to seek a refund should you so choose.

    Thank you guys for reading, this is an exciting opportunity for us! You can view the full fundraiser here:

    NA Witness Gaming to CG22 Fundraiser

  • I am extremely disappointed to see a lack of naked hottub in the perks this time around.

    Jokes aside, I wish you guys luck on your first Lan appearance! It will be exciting to see Lans finally start to make their way back into the fold.

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