RGL: Money and Development-A Spectator Suggestion

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  • Howdy RGL Forums,

    I wrote a proposal about a week ago regarding the RGL prize pool and finances - at some point of being told that the reason something was scuffed or not done well was because RGL was a volunteer community/organization I got fed up enough to try to do something about it.

    Let me preface by saying I like to think I can somewhat understand - To echo the words of one of my close friends

    • “If you want something done right, you’re going to have to pay me for it”

    So I attempt to tackle the problem from a different angle - here is a bit from the preface and an image of the table of contents.

    " RGL is a paid league; despite RGL putting the vast majority of that payment toward the prize pool, there is an arguably unfair expectation put upon the league as a result of the cost. For starters - I think players expect a higher service for a league that they are putting money into versus one where they are not. The unfortunate reality is that RGL as a staff of volunteers are often unqualified to meet those expectations, and RGL as an organization lacking investment in development results in players becoming frustrated as the league seems to show a lacking desire to improve - not necessarily because of lack of intention, but because of a lack of funding and direction. "


    I’d appreciate if y’all could give it a read and maybe provide some feedback or discussion 🙂 .

    RGL Proposal: Money and Development - A Spectator’s Suggestions (M.A.D.A.S.S.)

    In the interest of being transparent and being open to discussion, my discord as well as links to some relevant forum threads are provided below.
    Discord: FlipFTW#0777
    TFTV Forums
    RGL Forums (You’re here!)

  • A really good and well thought out paper. And honestly with the prospects of HL getting paid divisions like 6’s possibly next year, this is something that everyone should read as it will directly affect how those paid divisions will look.

    The biggest TL;DR: from this you can get is that a majority of the prize-pool currently goes into the prize-pools, and the main suggestion of allocating more funds from the prize-pool to more QOL and sustainability projects is something I can agree with.

    I don’t really think about the 6’s side of things, but one thing you did not talk about is the possibility of leaving the prize pools alone and instead just increasing the fees. Increasing the invite fee by $10 (25% increase) would create a minimum of $420 ($106(8-1)=$420).

    Figuring how to increase the fees is something that is not important however as figuring out the cost of the programs we want to implement is more important. But there is a lot we could do to transition to better funding throughout the league.

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