Buttface LFT Invite/Challenger Engie

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  • Old Invite engie coming out of retirement. Looking for Invite/Top challenger teams. Co-Leader of Break the Meta. Main strategist and main caller for the better part of the season.

    • Dedicated engie main for 9+ years at this point. Sadge.
    • Mentored the corn ducks/goofbirds and pop your pipes from steel/silver into platinum
    • Multiple placement medals across several divisions
    • S8: 3rd Place Chal
    • Helped develop the engineering meta for ashville, swiftwater, borneo and more which are still used today
    • I stay out of drama so nobody knows me… until my guns are indestructible. 🙂
    • I can outdamage an invite demo on a good day

    YouTube channel. I don’t post much. Though, fragmovie coming out soon


  • Always my first choice on egg if I’m leading a team. Next level brain. Honestly, he has worked way harder than I have at making our team successful this season, and he was amazing when we played on PYP together as well – also just a great personality to have around the team. Friendly, open-minded, always innovating or improving play somehow. For someone who plays a class that generally doesn’t have impact, he definitely has made a big impact every season we’ve played together.

  • This man is goated at engi and he just holds W. Idk how he’s not in invite yet

  • Why can’t my team ever kill his gun… I don’t understand.
    Buttface has shown that even straight out of retirement, he has the DM and gamesense to have a huge impact in matches
    Pick him up!

  • This dude is the only engie in challenger that I respect.

  • one of the toughest engis i had to play against this season for sure. a veteran at the class and deserves a home in invite

  • underrated. very good.

  • Buttface is one of the best engies I have ever got to play with. He’s a very adaptable player and has good DM. Easily one of the most enjoyable players to ever play with and will be a pleasure to have on any team. Don’t pass on this man.

  • i had little experience going into this past season and he was more than willing to share his experience and put time in to help me, which says more than enough about any player
    very friendly and extremely capable

  • I stole some of his strats. very good engineer.

  • A cool dude that knows his stuff

  • I’ve played against him in brazil sometimes. Def worth a shot in invite/high challenger. Crazy DM and knows a lot about engie stuff. A nice pickup for sure

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