DubThink LFT S8 engie/solly/demo/pyro/med

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  • Hello! I’m probably not playing 6s seriously next season, so I finally have the time to play HL. I don’t have a great sense of where my skill is at, so try me out wherever.

    In order of interest:
    Engie (IM/Main) - Engie is my lifelong dream
    Solly/Demo (Main/IM) - I have solly exp, and my demo’s pretty solid
    Pyro (IM/Main) - pyro
    Med (Adv+) - only interested in a serious team; not sure exactly where my skill is at, but last time I was trying out it was high adv/low invite

    Covid’s a thing, so I have great availability. I’m happy to play seriously/demo review/etc, but am also fine with more chill teams.

    + lots of good comms
    + is an rgl admin so physically cannot loose
    + good at playing like a rat
    - hasn’t played HL recently
    - often plays like a rat

    My discord is DubThink#3877, and my steam is DubThink

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