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    the point I am making is that the system is inconsistent with itself.

    If that’s the goal, then this can be done without claiming that an “admin” apparently told you about a poll that never occurred to my knowledge. The only polls in the past have been regarding match points vs. win-loss.

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    Important Season 12 Dates

    With the added break voted in by the players, here are the adjusted dates for the rest of this season:

    • Regular Season: Mon, May 30 – Mon, Jul 18th (7 Weeks)
    • Roster Locks: Sun, Jul 10 @ 11:59 PM EST
    • Playoffs Start: Mon, Jul 25
    • Last possible date for playoff matches: Mon, Aug 29

    4th of July Break

    Following the survey which was previously announced on June 1st, lasting until June 8th, the results have come in which reflect a strong interest by our community to delay the week 6 matches that were initially scheduled for July 4th. Starting with Week 6, the remainder of Season 12 will be pushed back by one week to accommodate these results.

    LAN Break

    RGL has a Traditional 6s LAN scheduled to occur the weekend of August 6th and 7th. RGL would like to suspend all RGL matches during this time to give full attention to the event, which means that any matches which would occur concurrently with the LAN will be delayed.

    Initially, all divisions from Main and below were set to complete playoffs directly before the LAN would happen. As of now, all divisions with a single-elimination playoff structure will have a break between semi-finals and grand-finals including 3rd place matches. All divisions with a double-elimination playoff structure will have a break between lower bracket semi-finals and lower bracket finals.

    Midseason Upward Refresh Update

    A new version of Upward has been released to fix a critical bug. While the regular season matches for pl_upward_f8 have concluded, please use pl_upward_f9 in playoffs.

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  • Today! I’m just having someone look at it before I post

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  • @Melon Sorry for the wait! The survey is live right now!

    The survey will end Wednesday night at 11:59 PM EST! I encourage everyone to complete the survey and have their voices heard!

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  • RGL already has rules regarding players that have connection issues that cause the game to be unplayable for others, such as constantly teleporting or warping around the map.


    This has been enforced several times in the past, as well as recently on a case-by-case basis when players file a report with evidence to the admins. If there is such a case, please make a support ticket in the RGL Discord or file a report through our report forms on the site so it can be looked into.

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  • @Melon I’ll be able to get it out sometime around Tuesday.
    Been busy with work and other RGL things as well. Tomorrow I work then I immediately come home for my own official as well as being general HL support to help people out during their first week of matches, so Tuesday is when I can reliably work on it.

    I don’t want it to seem like I’m ghosting the issue–I’m definitely all for addressing it with the survey, and just need an opportunity to get it out!

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    Banner by Raos

    The Season 12 Map Order:

    Week 1: koth_product_final
    Week 2: pl_upward_f8
    Week 3: koth_lakeside_r2
    Week 4: pl_swiftwater_final1
    Week 5: koth_ashville_rc2d
    Week 6: pl_vigil_rc9
    Week 7: cp_steel_f10

    Match Points Readjustment

    In past seasons, matches were measured out of 3 points. For King of the Hill matches, fractional values were possible; for example, a 4-1 win would translate into 2.67-0.33 match points, and a 4-2 win into 2.34-0.66. However, the rounding towards the winner of the division by 3 (2.6666… to 2.67, 2.3333… to 2.34) led to issues where teams were 0.01 match points away from each other in the final seeding, and because it wasn’t an exact tie, tiebreak procedures were not invoked. This was especially an issue when the team on top had forfeit wins or a weaker schedule, and the team on the bottom won a head-to-head match-up or would have won by tiebreak procedures, but failed to make playoffs because of the 0.01 point difference.

    To correct this issue, all match point values before rounding have been multiplied by three. Matches will now be played out of a total of 9 match points instead of 3. This means that in most cases (the only exceptions being team move-ups or partial match points due to replayed forfeits), teams will finish the season with a whole number of match points, eliminating the potential for small rounding inconsistencies leading to tiebreak procedures not being invoked.

    For Stopwatch (Payload and Attack/Defend) matches, a 2-0 win will translate into 9-0 match points, while a 2-1 win will translate into 6-3 points.

    For King of the Hill matches, a 4-0 win will yield 9-0 match points, a 4-1 win 8-1, a 4-2 win 7-2, and a 4-3 win 6-3.

    Forfeit wins will lead to an immediate 5 points being given to the winner; the two teams will have the chance to play for the remaining 4 points.

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  • @Firefly

    The idea of a cascading effect on the league is a little misleading. RGL can determine how long or short the regular season, post season, and offseason are. The players do not determine that.

    Players do help play a role to determine this. The break that was extended in the Spring season was directly voted by players – with the understanding that it would make the offseason shorter in effect through such a decision. This is a cascading effect with how the schedules are set up because when a break is extended, it impacts when the season ends and how long the offseason is.

    The seasonal schedules are scheduled entirely around not making the finals of the Autumn/Fall season overlap with the Christmas holidays. Even accounting for such “holidays” in determining schedules will require the regular season, playoffs, or offseasons to be shorter or longer because of the nature of a “week break”. It means that teams are not playing any matches for that week and the season inherently ends later than it would have without that break.

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