DubThink LFT MOST DIVS S9 Solly/Med (engie/sniper/demo?)

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  • I think I’ve got another season or two in me before I get a life, so I’m LFT S9.

    In order of interest:
    Solly (Adv/Main) - I placed 2nd this season in Main, and learned a fuck ton while doing so. Looking for adv or maybe top Main
    Med (Invite/Chal) - Based on tryouts/ringing, I should be top Chal or low Invite. Most of my med exp is 6s (Adv), but I learn fast and have big brain
    Engie (Main) - I fuckin love engie
    Sniper (IM?) - My sniper’s at best low Main (probably more IM), but it would be lots of fun
    Demo (Main) - I’d consider playing demo for the right team

    Covid’s a thing, so I have great availability. I’m happy to play seriously/demo review/etc, but am also fine with more chill teams.

    I’m also an rgl admin, so I physically cannot lose.

    My discord is DubThink#3877, and my steam is DubThink

  • Bump! For season 9.

  • She rang for my team a few times in the past and her arrows are insane.
    Very aware player and knows how to position herself to stay alive!

  • cool ass person who has an insane drive to improve they were one of the players who asked the most questions an learned the most over the season if you want someone with drive an the skills this is the person you want

  • 100 iq gamer, so capable of actually improving and doing well. Advance level soldier, good pickup

  • we shared funny gifs during rgl meetings. She is great pick her up.

    Also a part of the RGL Gestapo.

  • Dangerous player and member of the RGL Cabal. Acquire her before your opponents to secure the dub.

  • Only played with them a few times on med, but was really impressed when I did. Really chill, would recommend.

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