RGL 6v6 Winter Cup (Powered by Qixalite)

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    The signup for the first RGL 6v6 Winter Cup (January 9th and 10th) is now open! Signups are set to end on January 2nd.

    Details and registration can be found here - https://rgl.gg/?r=55

  • We’ll begin placing teams soon
    Please ensure that your team is readied and paid up by the 7th

    • Provisional tiers have been announced. Please create a ticket in #support of our Discord if you have any questions.

    • Please make your team is fully paid up (Invite, Advanced, Main, Intermediate) by Thursday (1/07) @ 6 PM EST to ensure your team is scheduled. For all divisions, please make sure you have full roster by then.

    • Players will be able to officially use #qixalite-booking on the day of the cup (Saturday), so teams can book a server to be used for their matches.

    • Lastly, in the coming day, we will detail information regarding a list of staff that you can contact for your division in case you have any questions for the cup.

  • If you’re not paid or readied up your div admin will have contacted your team leader. Please address that ASAP as we would like to schedule matches on Friday.

    • Match schedules for all divisions should be released. You can view them here - https://rgl.gg/Public/Matches.aspx?r=55

    • We will be opening up #qixalite-booking (In our Discord) on Saturday for teams to book a server for a match if teams need a server. In total, there will be 25 Iowa, 4 Chicago, and 4 Dallas servers for teams to use for the cup.

    • If you have any more information about the cup, feel free to reach out to your cup division admin found in #cup-information (in our Discord).

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Thanks to everyone for coming out and playing. Big thanks to exa, Crasian, reno, and asianbobagirl your amazing admin work.

    Also a massive thank you to our production team at CappingTV

    Producers: mitch, Shears, and ArchRhythm

    Casters: kaida, mags, Crazy7SV, Fleskore, Tery_, trad, marmot, PrestusHood, DerpMan, The Godfather

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