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  • Current version: Alpha28

    Welcome to Payload Eruption! After 8 months in development hopefully it would be worth the wait.
    What I made here was what i thought mercenary park would look like when valve announched the jungle themed update and also I had some really specific goals with this map that i wanted to accomplish with this map.

    • I wanted the first area to be on a beach , the second on a cave , the third somewhere inside jungle and the last inside the volcano.

    • I didn’t want to add any buildings in this map. Not a single one. It was really hard believe me.

    -I wanted the path that the payload takes to do a circular motion around the volcano. Something like Upward.

    • and finally I wanted the whole thing to take place on a jungle island.

    I think i did a pretty good job so far and I am looking forward to seeing how the map plays.

    I am curious to see where the map goes and what you guys think. Feel free to reach out to me, give me feedback and suggestions.

    TF2Maps download page:


  • In today’s pugs, feedback I heard a lot was:

    1- the ammo (and health) seems out of the way/hard to find on this map

    2- there is a hold on last, from red’s perspective on the top left, that is very strong and near impossible to break since it’s close to spawn and also watches everything.

    consider upward, where the only holds that are that easily accessible from spawn are distanced from the cap and players on cart are shielded from people holding there, for example from the crates. Therefore a much stronger hold is in Tiles, which is not very easy to reach from spawn.

    i think last could be much better if that hold wasn’t as safe or it wasn’t as easy to spam cart/players on the ground from there, while the hold across was strong as usual.

  • second is hard to push, and the sniper sightlines are really long on 1st and 2nd. you might also wanna add an extra minute of cap time before you cap first. we almost ran out of time on it.

  • The second waterfall hold is really janky to push because they only have to watch one angle and they are comparatively very safe, especially the medic, and have high ground and can watch everything.

    This could be fixed in two ways IMO. One is to straight up remove the waterfall area as far as gameplay is concerned, walling it off with glass. This essentially forces defense to play in a passive position, though, so idk how good it is - others may have better input. The other way could be to link the left area to the waterfall - this would force players holding in that position to watch two angles with less safety, allowing flank to play more on that point.

    Also, in general I feel like players have to commit too hard to 2nd to cap it, maybe because the point is really far back. I’m not entirely sure how big of a problem this is or how it could be fixed, though. Maybe making the stream under the waterfall less deep and moving point into it?

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