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  • joey team appears to be taking a break next season, and going overseas seems like a poor idea rn. so let’s try this again

    played for own s4-s7, got 2nd in adv twice (cool)
    main goal with invite is to learn, can sub if needed as long as I can figure out how the game is played at top levels through osmosis
    any criticism is well appreciated. shoutouts to bliz, marty, dawid, and american during the past season

  • good gamer, our spy always complained about them

  • very few pyros are better than moxie

  • reviews his demos and cares about improvement, talks with the team and adjusts accordingly. good pyro

  • mega pyro (enormous), theo feared his great might

  • monster pyro, my friends dont believe me when i tell them how good he is 😞

  • Had the best passive pyro mechanics of the div last season by far. His specialization is in denying enemy spies and bombs, and it shows. That being said, I think he needs to work on more aggressive pyro mechanics, specifically in taking the initiative and being more proactive in his support of the combo during exchanges and fights. I feel like he’d benefit a lot from playing on a different 1st-2nd place advanced team before moving to invite, but I could certainly see him doing well in invite if he rounds himself out a bit more.

  • Every time I’ve talked to moxie he seems like a good guy
    I think my biggest knock to him would be his aggression and DM mechanics … im not a pyro main no bm : (

    I do however think he has a seriously higher upside then most pyros coming out of advanced in the division due to his fear factor
    My man Theo was fucking quaking every time we played moxie

    Moxies always been a team guy and worked to improve
    He has some of the best spy checking abilities I’ve seen and denies bombs almost perfectly
    You would not have any complaints from Moxie I promise you that
    The man is more then deserving of placing on a placement advanced team bare minimum or Invite team

    He is one of the reasons OWN made grand finals twice and I think that will go a long way for his future growing through failure.
    The madness of losing is a strong mental drive and I think moxie has that taste of fire to improve and he has already showed it popping off in grands this season
    I think he is one of the few in advanced who has that

  • moxie is somebody ive known for years and years and years, since before i was a comp player, and i can say hes one of the nicer people ive met in my life. i know hes a solid player by his multiple seasons in adv at a high level. pick this mans up!

  • townze wrote a whole essay on this dude pick him up

  • @moxie gOD I LOVe THiS MAn

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