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  • download: here
    screens: here

    Current Version: B15a

    Cuba for the blue side asteroid props
    VelvetFistIronGlove for the 2D skybox
    InvalidNick for some props form their dewm resourcepack
    And everyone else that has given me the motivation to continue working on this (alt, catfish, kake, jen, tricka and all the people in test.co and my pug group)

    Mannbase Alpha (cp_mannbase) has been a project of mine since late 2019. I started working on it by biting off more than I could chew for my skill level at the time, but I believe the map is now at a playable state.

    The map has been inspired by quake maps as well as standard 5cp maps you often see in the rotation. It began as a map that a soldier could go fucking crazy on but as of recent I’ve strayed away from that for balancing reasons. This map admittedly has questionable design choices but I feel it’s balanced out with a fairly generic last point.

    Please leave feedback, please pug it, run around it with your friends on a private server, record yourselves shitting on this map while sitting in discord idc

  • Bit of feedback after looking around.

    Sniper sightlines out of last-point spawn doors may be a bit too strong.
    alt text
    alt text

    Extending this ledge on mid to wrap all the way around the corner would help for soldiers to have a spot to jump to when busting through choke. Shouldn’t be too strong for defense due to the back wall making it an easy spot to splash if people linger too long.
    alt text

    On 2nd point, a bit more height would help to promote more aggressive defenses around the choke, and also provide more options for soldiers as they bust through choke.

    I picture a ledge here built from those giant pipes.
    alt text
    I picture a small pipe running across here.
    alt text

    Hope it helps. Map is coming along well!

  • @b4nny
    Hey thanks for the feedback!
    I definetly agree on the ledge ideas you pointed out and quickly added them to the map.
    For the sightlines from the spawn doors on last I’ve made a few small adjustments to try and nerf em a little bit.

    Currently unsure about this though:

    I picture a small pipe running across here.
    alt text

    I wonder if it will make it a bit too annoying to push into second.

    Again, cheers for the feedback b14 will be out quite soon

  • B14 is out

    Small update meant to improve the fight at choke and sightlines on last.


    • Extended ledge on quake room balc

    • New ledge

    • Closed off sightline on left and sightline to under

  • B15a
    Small update to refine a few things.
    Fixed up general brushwork and some texture inconsistencies.


    • Replaced window with solid wall/detailing, this was done due to some glitchiness

    • Replaced pipe with ramp also due to glitchiness.

  • B15b - Visibility update
    Small update to refine a few things for league play. Many changes will go unnoticed tbh.


    • Mid lighting improved
    • Quake room unique detailing
    • Optimizations

  • B15c - ready for league play update

    • Clipping issues fixed


  • @ozfortress-skaz B17a
    Cheers for the feedback on b17, I’ve fixed up a few issues pointed out by Adnurak and others 🙂


    B17b - moonlabmountain maintoun lab moonbase mannbase is maountain lab
    Wanted to do a lil bit of detailing above lobby.
    Few optimizations in terms of prop fade and what gets rendered on the map.
    (also new 2d skybox)


    (there are probably more changes but I cant remember them)
    • New rock you can use to get onto new rock this rock is above another rock. rock.

    B17c - Phantom displacement removed


  • Played a few scrims of the map, looks great but feels a bit too big at the moment, making visibility of bombers pretty low since they come from so far away (but as someone who IS one of those soldiers it’s fun). I’d have to play the map more to get a feeling if it actually needs changes in that regard.

    Anyway, there are two (4 since it’s mirrored I guess) spots that I’d like to address on mid. The first is the Rock, and being able to stand on a lip in front of it. Being able to stand there is cool, but the visibility of the ledge is very small, and my team wouldn’t have known about the spot if I didn’t accidentally land there.

    The second are the stairs on mid. There isn’t a fence or wall or anything visibly on the side of them, and it looks like you can fit in there as a player or stickies in there (but you can’t since there’s an invisible wall). Adding a wall or a fence etc should be better for visibility.

  • jsyk, a new update is out


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