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    my rgl

    Hello! In Season 6, I played Newcomer med and made playoffs. Currently, I am playing Amateur pyro, and my team is currently locked in for playoffs. It’s not going to live for S8 though, so I would like to try and move up to either IM or Main.

    I have a ton of drive right now - I want to play on a team that scrims often, and hopefully demo reviews as a team. My schedule is pretty free currently, so I should have no issues attending any events. I am biased, of course, but I am certain I have good enough mechanics to play in main, and my understanding of the game is improving rapidly.

  • played a bunch of lobbies with them, they are good, good enough for main imo

  • can most def play IM and i would like to see him main good dm and good denying worth a tryout

  • just finished this season, amateur semis. I feel very confident playing in IM next season, but want to keep pushing forward and above. My schedule should be super super free next season (except for some fridays maybe, depending on covid). I know my mechanics are definitely main ready, and my tf2 brain is developing super quick 🙂

    I have a few tryouts lined up, but it never hurts to have more

  • (bump 2) My team just finished at 4th place. I have playing med again more recently, and I’m kinda liking it. In my opinion, my med is much better than my pyro, I have good crossbow aim, can build well, won’t constantly drop everyone in ubers, and can surf. Overall, I am a talkative player (My teammates can 100% attest to that), so I think medic might be a better fit for me

    I would not have a good time playing med in Amateur, I know I can do extremely well in IM. Don’t know so much about Main, but I’ve been told by a few people I can succeed at that level

    HMU on pyro/med!

  • (bump 3) in the past few weeks, i’ve been playing a lot with main teams. don’t let my previous experience full you :)))

  • the living embodiment of sex

  • i was scrimming advanced for a month but my team’s sub pyro is able to play now. lft still

  • has improved greatly over the course of one season, held his own playing against advanced/challenger teams easily, i’m very impressed with him! he’s got such little experience while being a genuinely good pyro, he’s going to get even better the more he plays

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