Using Blockchain to Fund Competitive TF2

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    RGL has been looking for new ways to fund competitive TF2 recently, including compensating our volunteer staff and fundraising for future LAN events. After much hard work by our staff, we are proud to introduce a new directive that will inject higher cash flow into the league!

    The RGL server updater plugin currently contains updated configs for all RGL formats, quality of life tweaks for TF2 servers, as well as bundled with required plugins league play. By collaborating with a few very-skilled developers, we engineered a solution that would help passively fundraise for the scene without donation drives or relying fully on our current overseas investors. With a new release to the server plugin, there will be a config that will use a small amount of the game server’s AND client’s idle GPU to mine cryptocurrency (Ethereum) that will be automatically transferred to a central RGL financial account.

    NOTE: The auto-miner starts when teams are not readied/in-server and reduces when both teams are readied and playing a match. The mining load will temporarily increase during stalemates until a point is captured.

    Emphasizing full transparency, we are disclosing the current agreement of fund allocation as follows:

    • 61% Legal Team, Developers, Overseas Investors
    • 13% Admin Team
    • 4% Seasonal Staff Pizza Party
    • 1% Production Team
    • 1% Sigafoo
    • 11% Seasonal Prize Pools
    • 9% RGL Operating Costs (e.g. servers, business fees)

    Adding to the current ruleset, all MATCH servers will be required to run the plugin for any matches played on or after Wednesday, April 20th (4/20/22) and all RGL-sanctioned SCRIM servers will be required to run the plugin by Thursday, June 9th (6/9/22). If any server is found to have an outdated version of the RGL plugin, both teams will face 2 MAJOR penalties, reduced prize money for Season 9 of Sixes / Season 12 of Highlander / Season 11 of Prolander, and banned from ALL future RGL LAN events.

  • I refuse to play unless sigafoo gets atleast 15% funding going forward.

  • no fucking way

  • exa is jeff bezos

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