LFP Advanced S11

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  • We managed to take first place in main this last season so we’re moving up to advanced. Not expecting anything crazy out of our first season in the div but we’re looking to try our best.

    We have a few open slots for tryouts since a few players have left due to irl circumstances. We’re going to start our scrims in the new year however since many of our players are visiting family, though we’ll probably begin much sooner than expected due to omicron lockdowns.

    We have players capable of being moved around, primarily our demoman to soldier, so we’ll be looking for tryouts on Soldier, Demoman (potentially), and Medic.

    Subs are also welcome. We are in need of basically every class.

    Current roster:

    Scout - Spaghetticonfetti
    Soldier - LFP
    Pyro - Denki
    Demoman - SN
    Heavy - Phos
    Engineer - Roofon
    Medic - LFP
    Sniper - Lee
    Spy - Hyoi

    Forgot to leave this here, but contact me via discord or steam if interested.

  • Never played with either on these classes, but Phos and Denki are both great teammates who are eager learners and have great drive. If the rest of the team has the same attitude that these two do, you could be looking at a contending team within 2-3 seasons.

  • lee went 68 - 31 in main grands. best sniper in main. tryout for this team asap before you regret it later on.

  • Bumping this! Still in need of more soldier tryouts!

  • @lee i’m interested

  • shmelkce

  • subbing for this team last season was the best end to a season I’ve ever had
    incredibly dedicated players, clearest comms of any main moveup team I’ve ever heard, and never an ounce of negativity.
    if you’re looking for a team to grow and succeed with, this is it!

  • keep phos in pootis jail

  • if denki remembers that m2 detonates the detonator flare this team could be goated, has some experienced players

  • I would be interested in playing soldier.

  • friendly and handsome team.

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