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    Invite and Advanced Qualifiers

    Both Invite and Advanced will have preseason qualifiers for Season 12. This is to ensure that teams are able to compete in the division best fitting for their skill level. Qualifiers for both Invite and Advanced will consist of 4 teams competing in a Round-Robin bracket. There will be 3 matches played, each using ban/ban to determine the played map. All Qualifier matches MUST be completed by Tuesday night.

    Here are the default dates for Qualifiers:
    Saturday, May 21st, 9:30 PM EST
    Sunday, May 22nd, 9:30 PM EST
    Monday, May 23rd, 9:30 PM EST

    The qualifier ban order will be as follows:
    A Bans | B Bans | A Bans | B Bans | A Bans | B Ban

    Qualifiers Map Pool:

    The teams competing in Invite Qualifiers are as follows:

    The teams competing in Advanced Qualifiers are as follows:

    Updated Staff List

    Since the previous article, the Highlander Admin Team has had a change in staffing and we would like to welcome ZoomxZe to our staff team! As such, this is our updated staff list:

    Division Admins:
    Invite: yogrrt
    Advanced: Joey Lemons
    Main: Spazz
    Intermediate: Xenagos
    Amateur: Icy
    Newcomer: Kitty

    Division Moderators:
    Advanced: JohhnyfromCali
    Main: vibeisveryo
    Intermediate: ZoomxZe
    Amateur: asian
    Newcomer: Jercer

    The staff list is available to view on our website.

    Read this article on our website here!

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    all of somebody help & somebody jelq

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  • @ethan why would there not be a prizepool if there is one currently

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  • @Kastaling said in Delay the July 4th Match:

    Truthfully I don’t see why we can’t have another poll like last time. Just put out an article with the poll explaining what exactly delaying the match by a week would mean for the rest of the season and year. A pros and cons list even. Then just let the players decide what they want by majority.

    also just wanna say I love the new transparency and response by the new admin team, off to a great start!

    Can definitely do that! I really just wanted to make it crystal clear the effect it would have on the off-season. I had several people express their concerns about how short this off-season is

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  • @ben huh it is noticeably taller on the blue side

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  • @Mothership Teenagers can go to their local walmart/target/circle K/big box grocery store and buy a visa gift card, which they can then use on paypal.

    If they are poor, the issue does not change; even with team fees, they are presumed to be responsible for some portion of it. Per player fees also give people the option to pay others up, which is pretty common in sixes.

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  • @TheS4rr said in Delay the July 4th Match:

    Agreed! If the match on Valentine’s day (a somewhat minor holiday) gets a week delay, July Fourth (the most significant holiday of the Summer) should certainly get one as well.

    It’s worth noting that this is only true for a singular country in NA.

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  • So when I was looking over scheduling dates for our upcoming summer and autumn seasons, I did notice that the 4th of July fell on a Monday. After discussing it with the rest of the HL staff, we initially opted to not give the week off for numerous reasons.

    The biggest one by far is that we’re on a very tight schedule. Many players have been feeling the effect this off-season of our time constraints, due to the Bracket Reset as well as the previous Valentine’s Day break. The time between Grands and s12 is 4 weeks, with a 3-week team registration period and 1 week for any qualifiers, which makes for one of the shortest off-seasons.

    Currently I have s13, the autumn season, planned for October 3rd–which is the latest I can possibly go without being Christmas week. Season 12 is currently set to end on August 22nd. It would mean that next season will just be as uncomfortable for many teams if we add the break.

    We also have to factor in that we have many players competing from out of the states, including Canada, Mexico, and other out of region countries. Valentine’s Day was observed internationally compared to the 4th of July, which is purely an American holiday.

    Also where do we draw the line with holidays? Do we include every federal holiday? Every religious holiday? Halloween is also on a Monday this Autumn. The only way we can take Halloween off is if we move the season forward. If we take both Halloween and the 4th of July off, we will have a 3-week off-season with only a 2-week team registration for the Fall. Are players okay with essentially non-stop seasons? I would imagine it would cause quite a bit of burn-out in the long run.

    RGL also already has a break planned mid-season for the RGL LAN. This would mean s12 would have two breaks extending the season.

    I would like everyone to factor in the consequences that will impact the future seasons! Utilizing subs and rescheduling matches would be the easiest way for teams to accommodate each other while still giving people ample preparation for the Autumn season!

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  • @TheS4rr said in Can we change invite team fees to player fees instead?:

    @Constantly I think without careful planning, this could cause more headaches than it does in 6s. For instance, would subs now have to pay to fully roster as they do in 6s?

    Yeah, they would have to pay to be fully paid up. The positive note of that is that it would mean a fair amount of extra money to go directly into the prize pool. Again, It’s not something we would arbitrarily change, which is why it would need the majority of Invite to agree. It’s definitely a topic I’m glad to see some interest in though. It’s the kind of thing I’d like the regauge anyways to see how the current Invite players feel about it!

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  • If all Invite teams are willing to, I don’t see why we can’t! Personally, I believe player fees would help the scene in the long run and would be more streamlined through our existing on-site system that we already use in 6s.

    That said, it’s not something we can change on a whim, but I’ll look into adding it to the survey for Season 13. It would definitely need more support from Invite teams to go through.

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