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  • hi yeye came back to main for team yeye next season in invite so i was moved to sub, id rather main on a decent team though bc my weekends are pretty free.

    I like playing pootis, scout, spy, and soldier (specifically in that order), and would prefer to play these classes in invite, might be open to offclassing with friends in a lower div.

  • Widely considered one of the most handsome players to have touched Team Fortress 2.
    Will keep your sniper safe and the enemy sniper malding.
    Can theorycraft and is more flexible than 99% of players. Definitely worth your time.

  • Genuinely the funniest player I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a team with. He will singlehandedly “un-tilt” your team more times than can be counted.

  • Witness is an absolute chad and one of the best heavies I have ever played with. He’s smart, has a firm grasp on the meta and he will use monkey strats to flashbang the enemy sniper.

  • still trying to play weekends, narrowed down my preferred classes to play this season to Scout or Heavy.

    Aiming for Invite!

  • Get my boy on a team. He’ll keep your team in a good mental. Singlehandedly will prevent your team from tilting.

    Also, does good impressions 🙂

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