Announcing RGL Highlander - Season 10

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  • Announcing RGL Highlander - Season 10

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    Banner by Frazzanator & Raos

    Register for Season 10 Here

    Important Season 10 dates

    • New Team Registration Open: August 21st
    • Invite and Advanced registration Ends: September 8th
    • General Registration Ends: September 10th
    • Qualifiers (if needed): September 11th & September 12th
    • Division placements finalized, week 1 matches scheduled: September 17th
    • Invite Fees Due: September 20th (Time extension is given for qualifier teams.)
    • Regular Season: September 20th – November 8th (7 Weeks)
    • Roster Locks: October 31st
    • Playoffs Start: November 15th
    • Last possible date for playoff matches: December 13th

    Confirmed Maps

    The final map for the rotation will be released after the RGL Highlander Season 9 Postseason Survey results are processed.

    A quick note about Challenger

    For the time being, Challenger has been removed. More information regarding this will be in the season changes article.

    original article:

  • just curious, why does the season start September 20th and not the 27th?
    If it’s delayed by a week, the last possible playoffs match would be December 20th–which would be still a decent time before Christmas, and it would only affect up to three matches assuming there’s a bracket reset or grands reschedule
    The matches it would affect, to be fair, are very important, but the chances of the scenario is slim–whereas I think all the teams planning to compete would appreciate the extra time to prepare and get their rosters fleshed out

  • @Constantly said in Announcing RGL Highlander - Season 10:

    December 20th–which would be still a decent time before Christmas

    IDK, people may be traveling ahead of the day itself for family reasons, and have family things to attend. I can see why they would want to play it safe. (And I’m speaking as someone who is personally more screwed by the season starting early than ending late.)

  • @Constantly Scheduling-wise, having grand finals be on the week of Christmas holidays introduces several issues:

    • Players traveling ahead during the week for family
    • Assuming teams want to reschedule grand finals, there would be many more issues with the teams reaching a consensus on an agreed time/day where no one is being affected by holidays. If this is rescheduled to 2022, then that also delays the scheduling of Highlander Season 11.

    In the past, there were a lot of voiced concerns about having playoff scheduling not conflict with holidays during December. During the 2021 scheduling, the Autumn season was scheduled first before the other seasons to effectively address this.

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