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  • @Dog-0 First would require a massive rework at this point to change it to have a more conventional hold, as the main problem with it is that Red basically need to hold opposite to where they need to back out, making it Easy for Blu to cut them off. I have seen teams still be able to hold first every now and then, and while it’s not such a conventional hold or anything, making it a mire holdable point would make Vigil a slower map, which I gather many people don’t want to happen.

  • I’ve personally never seen a team held at 1st unless there is a large skill disparity of some sorts, like on a Sniper or Flank classes. The only realistic hold for 1st is to do an aggressive hold on the flank overlook, but that crumbles to any actual coordination from your team and subsequently neuters your 2nd hold if it get’s broken in any meaningful way.

    That 1st hold is super unsafe to get back to if you die without a TP because sniper can play on the offensive hill and just pick off your players trying to get back into position. Not only that, you can get airblasted or rocket/stickied off the side of the map.

    In the current “hold”, you pretty much treat it like Swiftwater 1st: Try and get a few picks on the cart so that you get an extra 15 seconds or so before it inevitably gets capped. The main area of 1st is just way too big for any team to reasonably hold without high ground advantage.

    As for how to fix it, I personally don’t have any experience in making/changing maps so it’s hard for me to give advice. All of the other holds are perfectly fine IMO.

  • Here’s a funny vigil spot:

    funny spot

    here’s a video showing how to get there as any class


    (the spot is basically useless I admit)

  • are there any plans for the clipping that lets heavy headglitch and watch the hill on second? right now there is a invisible bit thats tricky to stand on–it works well but feels unintentional. are there plans to remove it, or to add a prop that lines up with it?

  • @lYnn What spot are you talking about exactly?

  • @theatreTECHIE i think he means the shed that directly overlooks the exit of tracks from tunnel

  • @lYnn Ah, that spot is unintentional (it’s from source’s bad handling of displacements). I can try to remove it, although won’t be too cut up about it if I am unable to do so as engineers can just place a tele on that roof for their heavies to take advantage of that spot, which is more intentional.

  • @theatreTECHIE you should just add a little box for him to stand on 🙂

  • @theatreTECHIE Since I know you’ve been testing some last point edits for rc8, I thought I would give some feedback on them before it’s published

    I like the platform/overhang added to the wall across from roof near cliff/big door. I think it’ll especially help soldiers on offense spam onto the platform at the top of stairs. and still have half cover.

    alt text
    For the changes that you made above, I think filling in the dead space on the left made sense and I agreed with it, but I would like to request to bring back the crates on the right and push back the wall to the normal location as well. Not only did it make the room more interesting, it felt less cramped, and enables teams to make interesting plays

    alt text

    The spawn door location change was definitely the most mixed I’ve felt out of all the changes.
    I think the new door gives more potential for spies trying to rotate and safely decloak behind teams, and I think it’ll open up more spy plays, especially since the meta has shifted teams to hold behind the wall on flank-side.

    I do think however, it has a higher potential for teams to be locked into spawns if the blu team snowballs. Generally, if blu wipes a team on third on rc7, the team would attempt to keep the momentum into last. The demo would sticky trap one door with maybe one or two other players, and then the rest of the team would camp the other door on flank-side. With the new doors, it allows the entire team to play roughly at the angle in the picture and keep control of both spawns while playing together for a longer potential lockdown.

    Just my opinions on the new test changes. Cheers, and keep up the good work.

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