Fae LFT S9 Challenger/invite Heavy

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  • I’m looking to play pootis on a good challenger team or possibly a low invite team.

    Won AM undefeated in s7, got advanced playoffs in s8 both as pootis, and I’ve been getting mentored by Luigi tho a bit less recently, also Octa previous to Luigi. I’ll be as keen to get better as the team is, don’t mind grinding a lot

    Also down to play sniper on a good advanced team, rung a bunch as sniper, played a bunch of pugs as sniper and got mentored by fallen lord for a while.

    I’d also be down to play engie in top adv, I can aim and I have a brain

  • He can in fact aim and he does have a solid brain.

    very adaptable and funny player! solid pickup for any team.

  • Fae is honestly the best heavy I have ever played with. He’s extremely flexible in his playstyle and has great communication with the rest of the combo. Very spy and bomb aware and does a great job helping protect the rest of the combo. He also sometimes just frags literally everyone.

    Would be a very strong contender in Challenger, I’d recommend picking him up.

  • @Fae btw u blow at huniepop

  • A solid part of our combo, without whom things always went haywire.

  • most effective heavy NA good attitude about everything and loves to get better. comes up with good strategies and very hard working. pick her up

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