LFT low-Adv. S5 - ChristianKing787 - Scout & Soldier

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  • Hello, I hope you are doing well, I am looking for a new Traditional Sixes team to compete in RGL low-Adv. or Main this upcoming season. I am looking for a low-Adv. team that is open to start a player brand new to the division. My main focus has always been improving and gaining experience in the highest ranked division I can play in. I am open to play on any team that have similar goals in mind; favoring improvement. Scheduling wise I am available everyday of the week; standard scrim/match time of 9:30 & 10:30 EST. Mumble & Discord are available for comms.

    Competitive Experience:
    RGL Sixes S1 - Amateur Prime - Uncle John’s Band (9-1)
    RGL Sixes S2 - Intermediate - poopoo panic mode (12-5)
    RGL Sixes S3 - Main - Purple Air Pods (9-8) (sub; couple matches)
    RGL Sixes S4 - Main - team (1-15) (wasn’t on main roster until W3)

    Here is my RGL profile for more information. If you are interested, contact me via Discord at ChristianKing787#1154.

    Thanks, Christian.

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