Tentative ghost LFT

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  • Trying to lead in invite this season but some of our core players are having avaliability issues, so I’m looking to try other options.
    Looking to Spy in Invite or High-Adv, I’m also down to play heavy in Advanced too
    If interested, please contact me by discord - username#3056 or add me on steam. Thanks!

    HL Exp:
    RGL S7 - Sub spy for Burger Squad (Invite)
    RGL S6 - Starter spy and team leader for Femboy Hooters (Advanced, 3rd place)
    RGL S5 - Sub spy for Bodybuilding.com (Advanced)
    RGL S4 - Starter spy and team leader for Stardust Crusaders (Advanced)
    RGL S3 - Starter spy and team leader for ANTHRAX (Main)
    RGL S2 - Sub spy for [NEW MIC] (Main, 2nd place)
    RGL S1 - Starter spy for ANTHRAX (IM, 1st place)
    UGC S25 - Starter spy for PTSD (Steel, 2nd place)
    UGC S24 - Starter spy for MidHeaven (Steel)
    UGC S23 - Starter spy for Alabama Hot Pockets (Steel)
    UGC S22 - Sub spy for V^3 (Steel)

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