tua lft sniper/spy/soldier

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  • So I’m in the process of trying to salvage a diet oWn team for next season, but if that falls through I’d like to play next season regardless. I want to prove myself as a top advanced or even low invite (stretch, i know, lmao) sniper without having oWn around me. I’d also be happy to sub in invite on sniper.

    Otherwise, I’d be alright with trying a season on spy or soldier in advanced or high main, preferably with a friend and/or legacy team.

    I watch demos religiously, I can secondary call, and I’ll push myself out of my comfort zone to do whatever the team needs me to do to win.

  • tua is a super cool dude, I think with a bit more work he could be a top advanced/low invite sniper. Give him a team that is willing to support him 🙂

  • probably my most dedicated teammate ever. reviews his demos and puts a ton of thought into the game and how to improve, to the point where he’s willing to completely change his playstyle if that is what is deemed will get results. most snipers I’ve played with start blaming other people on the team or whine about the other sniper/spy/soldier/whatever. tua asks how he can play different in order to better play with the team. if you need a player with a good improvement attitude I cannot recommend tua enough

  • mans made massive progress good pickup whatever he decides to do

  • Shows a lot of drive and from what i’ve seen doesn’t emo out like a lot of snipers do. Definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a solid team player that can frag out as well.

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