lft s8 main/adv

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  • adv soldier
    if you want me to play for you main just spin a roulette wheel and i’ll play anything besides medic
    would prefer sniper or scout, but im down to fill any class honestly

    you can check some of my shit out on twitch.tv/shohh
    nothing really recent, but still some clips and shit

    you can check my profile to see my history in previous seasons, but if you don’t want to, i’ll just outline it here
    ugc s25 steel - starting demo, ended season 4-4
    s1 main, starting soldier- worst place in season on podgy team, whole season was a mess
    s2 adv, sub solly - 1st place but i only played for 1 match, steel week, where we lost, the team almost died, and we changed our combo
    s3 main 1st place. starting soldier - had fun, got some good plays
    s4 main starting demo - quit for all of preseason, came to play with a friend, stuck with the team for two weeks before leaving because of not enjoying
    s5 i didn’t play
    s6 starting main soldier or sniper i can’t remember - played 1 week, left team, team died week5
    s7 didn’t play - did preseason but quit before season started, was going to be starting sniper in main

  • he fucks

  • nuts, pick up

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