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  • anyone ever used one of these things? ive had one for about two years and honestly it just continues to wane performance wise, but at the moment it would be most convenient for me to continue using one, so I’m looking into the newer models, preferably something lasting. any thoughts/experiences from gamers?

  • Don’t buy one. They suck.

  • There were a few years I lived somewhere I couldn’t have a desktop and my general feeling about laptops and gaming is it’s very easy to upgrade desktops as needed due to ongoing release of hardware, but with laptops it’s a tremendous pain in the ass and you can end up just needing to resign to buying a whole new one.

    I would generally say avoid it if you can, but if your situation doesn’t make owning a desktop feasible than give a serious think about how you want to handle upgrading and if there’s ways to make it easier.

  • Definitely not a long term option. Should be considered a convenience/splurge option. If you really can only get a gaming laptop, I have a Razer Blade and it’s nice.

  • if you’re out at college, i’d say it’s much better to just have a cheap laptop to bring to class that can run excel/word/chrome and then having a separate, kinda cheapish desktop that you built and slowly upgrade over the semesters, or you could just splurge and get a nice one now, but realistically any cheap ryzen build + used gpu + ssd will be enough for 90% of games.

    you’ll be able to upgrade it and keep it going for 5+ years easily, whereas the gaming laptop is a depreciating asset that just gets more and more shit every month after you buy it

    plus when i graduated and started making money, i was able to cash in my new paychecks to upgrade my decent rig to a very very good one, for much cheaper than buying a new gaming laptop or a new rig altogether

  • get a gamer laptop to play scrims everywhere :0

  • I use laptop lmao it sucks

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