LFT IM/Main Medic or AM Sniper

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  • Hey my name is Cambonieboo and I’m looking for a team for s8. I have 2 seasons of experience playing medic in AM and IM. This season I would like to make top three in IM or playoffs in Main. I grind several hours a day, and I always do my best to learn from my peers, my own mistakes, and my mentors. My discord is Cambonieboo#4323 if you’d like me to be a part of your team.

  • cambonieboo can play medic very well if put under the right environment if you help him out when hes on med he will perform better then most medics in his div can def play IM but i would like to see him try on main medic
    tried out for nukroo and performed pretty well I like him as a dude and would be a fat pick up

  • PICK HIM UP RN he is a prescious boo that will outheal every medic in existence and is also a baby sniper improving at an alarmingly fast rate!!

  • Cam is a very gud medik man he can do the big heals and hit arrows like a G Just protect him for once you goddamn bastards its not that hard.

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