LFT - Season 8 - IM/Main - Heavy

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  • I am currently looking to play as a starter Heavy spot in any IM/Main team, but I’m also willing to play as a sub if need be. I’ve previously played as a starter Heavy on both Mistigris and The. Though being in Driver’s Ed will cause uncertainty in my schedule, I should be able to play for most, if not all, of the scrims/officials.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day!


    • RGL Highlander Season 6 - Mistigris - Starter Heavy - First Place
    • RGL Highlander Season 7 - The - Starter Heavy - Playoffs

    Logs: https://logs.tf/profile/76561198986534519

    Discord: touca#9145

  • “hey guys touca heavy man here and today im taking the teleporter challenge” -Touca 2020
    Check his logs he literally beasts and farms. So fun to play with, especially back in the newcomer days. I lvoe his personality and is a real homie, please pick him up his gamesense is like 3d chess and he doesnt die to spy!!!

  • He is driven, enthusiastic, vocal in comms, and the bane of Spies in every division we’ve played. I’m very glad we picked him up mid-S6.

  • have watched demos from this guy he can most def play IM i would like to see him as a contender in main worth a tryout high quality fragger

  • a goated heavy, honestly better than most MAIN heavys

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