Polariscope LFT S8 Main Sniper

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  • yo, this is polariscope, and i’m looking to try out for some teams in main and potentially low adv as sniper.

    i played sniper for SACRED GEOMETRY CLUB in S7, and before that, i played IM/Main Pyro for Loud Noises/Outback Fraghouse in s2 to s4. won second place IM in s2 and have made playoffs on all teams since.

    i’d like to play on a decent main team that plays to win, no throwing or loser attitudes. i’m dedicated to getting better and better, so an environment perfect for that would be great. currently being mentored by one of the greats, reika.
    i’m free all the time. you can add me on steam or discord, Polariscope#5947. if you so desire, you can view my logs here. hit me up!

  • crazy sniper, definitely main ready

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