RGL Season 7 Invite Stat Spreadsheet

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  • Howdy,

    Seems that I didn’t realize this new season started, so I’m a bit late on this but here is the Season 7 Invite statistics for all teams.


    I expanded the spreadsheet to include all individual stats from all individual matches, so now you are able to see what classes you kill, assist in kill, and die to for each match and the season. This is now organized into two separate pages, the Player Master Index which contains all the numbers for each player in a spreadsheet categorized, and the MCSS, which contains individual match statistics, primarily class specific kills, assists and deaths.

    Using the Player Master Index and MCSS, I added a new page called League Top 5, displaying the individuals who lead the league in certain categories. The question mark (?) in the League Top 5 will tell you in a bit more detail what exactly is being ranked.

    Since people keep changing all their names every week, and since Highlander is a team game, ringers will be kept off the spreadsheet individually and there stats combined with that of the starter.

    If you see any names that are incorrect, or want to suggest a new League Top 5 stat, throw me a Steam message. If you want to help with this list, or ask any questions, Steam is the best place to do it.

  • @RiP-Nect-CL This is hella interesting. How did you gather all the logs?

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