Mocha's RGL LAN Fundraising Game Show (July 20th)

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  • Hey all! If you know me, you’ve probably either played against me in Highlander or recognize me as that one TF2 VTuber on Twitch!

    If you happened to see my Twitter post going around, I’m working on an independent project alongside friends and some RGL staff members to host a Game Show! This will happen a day before the Fundraising 6s Cup to help raise more money for the RGL LAN that’s upcoming.

    On July 20th, this event will be hosted by me on and will include 6-8 Invite 6s players going through trivia such as Jeopardy, “Is this an Open Player of an Invite Player?”, TF2 Pictionary and a Jump Map Race.

    In the “Is this an Open Player of an Invite Player?” section of the game show, we require submissions from the community to fill in their most embarrassing experience in their TF2 competitive career. As much as I’d love to include everyone’s responses, I am only asking for those who have played within IM (Intermediate) or BELOW to submit responses. This can range from 6s to Highlander or even Prolander, as long as you can provide a silly experience.

    The Google form below is how we are collecting responses:

    If you’d love to see the beloved faces of the Invite 6s community fight in a silly trivia-based game show, stay tuned for more!

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