Apolodosh/ Team Wish LFP Medic/Pyro/Sniper Sub

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  • We are looking for a preferably experienced pyro and medic sub for the season, as our main medic will unfortunately be missing a few matches this season. We will also need a sniper to fill in every sunday 10:00 when Nyxi leaves for sixes.

    Our Roster:
    Scout- Wish
    Pyro- Arzt Hispanian
    Demo- Joey Lemons
    Heavy- Adam
    Engi- FluWalrus
    Medic- Hyphen
    Sniper- Nyxi
    Spy- Agb

    Subs: Madringme, Durrknob

    As we are a high invite team experience is key; we will preferably be looking for subs who have played at a high level who are taking the season off. For most classes I will give you plenty of time to let you know when you will be needed, but our pyro sub will probably be needed with very short notice.

    Message me on discord at AÐAM#8991

  • our team name is The Fruity Friends

    wish watermelon
    Arzt Apricot
    Joey Lemons
    Adam Adpple
    Fruit walrus
    Honeycrisp Hyphen
    Nuts Nyxi

  • saturation so help me god if you post that fragmovie one more time

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