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  • Looking for High Adv Team / Low Inv Team to play for.
    3 Seasons of Adv


  • fat minty has shown himself to be a solid and consistent high adv spy this season, i can’t speak for his calls but playing against him his mechanics were crazy. give this fella a tryout because if given the correct environment he will own 😄

  • Construde is really good and has consistently gotten better every season he’s played. He’s been at a top advanced level for a good bit now and I thinks it’s time he gets a shot in invite 🙂

  • Been his teammate the last 3 seasons, he was already extremely impressive despite his lack of experience. I think he has the biggest upside out of any Spy main in Advance.

    Mechanically he’s gifted & polished. Great revolver aim, will get you stabs without pressure to help him.

    Gamesense - This has improved the most for him. he use to be deadset on just getting medic kills. While he still completely defaults to this he’s slowly learning that sometimes he doesn’t have to be relied on for medic picks, sometimes he can be relied on for getting other kills opening holes for other players to make pressure. I think this is where he also needs to make the most improvement but overall, he’s still a smart player and will do as asked.

    Communication - He’ll often get quiet, probably cause he’s focusing, but 9/10 his comms are on point (aside from telling us if their Medic is on Kritz). His biggest test was going to be cp_steel and us asking him to run C&D and play as a comm spy and I think he excelled here, he cannot be blamed at all for our cp_steel woes. He’s still learning & improving on timing his decloaks with our pressure which I think will get there with just time. It’s not like flipping a light switch and he’s got patience and the eagerness to learn.

    Overall - I think the scariest thing about him is that he wants to play against the best, he wants to improve from the best because he wants to be the best. He has the willingness and any team looking to place in Advance should pick him up. Any team in invite that needs a spy should give him a try.

    Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

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