prime lft adv med/heavy

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  • I’ve learned a lot these past couple of seasons and am ready to put in the work for any team that needs a medic. Always striving to improve and learn from my mistakes. My open schedule allows me to attend every scrim/match/demo review.

    Relevant Competitive HL Experience:

    RGL S8 AM Baffin’ Ya Nan
    RGL S9 IM Bagels and Donuts
    RGL S10 ADV Zipf’s Law
    RGL S11 ADV China National TF2 Team

    reformed btw

  • solid med, plus after talking with him for a bit he’s a good guy who just wants to improve and play. highly recommend

  • primes passion and desire is matched by no other medic players in advanced at the moment. this guy has a desire to improve and hes doing so very fast. last season i wouldnt have said hes advanced ready but i really think that this season is his time to shine.

  • bumping 🙂

  • moderate man, big plan, in the famous words of mr parker, hes trying to get better; and that is valuable! pick this man up if you want prime times, prime pugs, and prime pillaging!

  • prime has always been very solid at medic whenever ive pugged with him, and since then hes only improved at both medic and most of the other classes. very smart player and cool to play with, up and comer for sure. i know he said he wants to play medic but hes also very good at heavy, if you’re trying to make a top adv team and need players, def let him try out

  • Good player

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