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  • Hi! Looking to main for an Advanced team as sniper next season.

    S11 was pretty bad for me because we had a random demo play every scrim/match and
    some inconsistent players… but we still managed to make playoffs. I could have done much better on a better team, so hopefully I can get a team with actual players this time

    I always look forward to improving and have fun doing so. Will put a lot of time and effort into getting better (will always make reviews unless emergencies) and I like the challenges. I can tryout whenever, my schedule is open once the current season ends ( :

    Discord: stairi#1169

    edit: Will stream with monitor cam / kb&m inputs and anything you want while playing and also show LastActivityView for every scrim & official (I think that’s the most I can do but lmk if there is anything else)


  • stairi has been my team’s sniper for this season of main and a longtime friend of mine,
    they have really good aiming, do great in svs, and overall a competent player who’s constantly wanting to get better no matter how they do

    pick them up and you’re guaranteed a chill player with great future potential 🙂

  • did he cheat? yeah
    did he lie about it? yeah
    is he still cheating? probably
    if he wants to say he will do all that shit to prove his innocence than go ahead, but, i doubt hes gonna follow through. lol

  • @minty said in LFT Adv Sniper S12:

    did he lie about it? yeah

    I didn’t but there’s clearly no use in arguing about it, I am willing to do whatever a team asks of me I really don’t mind 🙂

  • honestly, even if he cheated in the past, i honestly dont think hes cheating anymore. to me, he just comes across as a player who is trying to figure out how this gamemode works, but also has pretty decent aim. shortly before he was kicked out of the faceit closed beta, i remember watching a demo of him with rebel and we both came to the conclusion that he was just a guy with pretty good dm that doesnt know what to do a lot of the time.

    obviously, take what i say with a grain of salt, im not on the ac team, and this is just my opinion. also keep in mind that i was also one of the people helping to find ticks and clips for the video that rn linked, so im saying all this while being partially biased against him from then.

    disregarding the cheating shit and assuming he is legit from here on, he seems like a player with a lot of potential. the dm is definitely there, and once he figures out positioning, would be a very solid pickup in adv.

    also fun fact you can cheat and still be good at the game, just look at kev777 and nyxi for example.

  • @Jason Appreciate this ( :

  • some of the best mechanics ive seen and i dont think theyre cheating. i know they have an rgl ban but as we all know rgl AC isnt always perfect, and there have been players in the past that have been banned for cheating (see: blank) that were genuinely just players with very solid mechanics. ive played with/against stairi in various dogshit pugs and theyve never done anything that i would deem sus. i also trust the judgement of jas and rebel with their conclusion that stairi isnt cheating. give them a tryout

  • skip was banned for cheating, i personally am under the opinion he did cheat.

    however, is he cheating now? no, probably not.

    i know that i personally have given this dude shit during his ban, but quite frankly, the issue is past him.

    he served his ban without incident, and having played against him, he is a player who has legitimate potential. he clearly just wants to move on, and i dont blame him, he has talent and is being shit on for his past.

    trying to leech forum clout off 2 year old ban drama is honestly kinda weird.

    i would give this dude a tryout, and maybe give him a mentor lmao

    good luck skip

  • This man is insanely good! If you see him on the other team he will be your #1 priority to have at least a bit of fun/chance in your games 😮

  • after getting a chance to play with skip, i realize that i shouldn’t form opinions before playing with them after that whole situation. skip was nice, easy to work with and fragged tf out. and i wholeheartedly apologize for what i said earlier on this thread.


  • bump bump

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