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  • Ryukbot is a recording tool for converting tf2 demos to mp4 format. The process is based on automation and making recording as easy as possible for as little work as possible once the application is set up.

    To understand how Ryukbot works its best to think of Lawena + Shadowplay. It uses the marking systems used by P-rec and the in-game demo recording system to make recording clips as easy as playing the demo you want to record a clip of.

    The trailer can be found here

    While v2 does not have any tutorials as of now v1 does and the knowledge is pretty easy to transfer over. Those can be found here

    To download join the Discord Server

    Any questions can be asked here if it partakes to everyone or on there if it’s more specific.

  • UPDATE v2.0.7

    • Added new end_commands setting
      • Commands to run once the recording is completed.
        • This can be used to reset values to the default preferred for play values.
    • RBC update!

      • new command Spectate

        • Allows much easier use for STV demo recording.
        • This will jump to the player its told to in an stv demo and record the first person point of view of the player.
        • At the moment there is no way to record in third-person but that can come soon.
        • Expect more RBC stv updates in the future.
      • new command end_commands

        • Changes the end_commands setting on a per clip basis
    • Adding new interface to missing settings.

      • A missing setting will now prompt a section to input the desired value instead of simply erroring and closing the program
        • This should make future setting additions much nicer
    • Bugfix
      • fixed issue causing Boolean settings to be listed as True in the output VDM
  • UPDATE v2.0.8

    • RBC update!

      • Added new specthird command
        • Allows you to spectate a player in third person
    • Added new specfirst command

      • Allows you to spectate a player in first-person (same as previously added spectate)
    • Added new shortcuts for commands and activators in code

      • This will allow mods to be significantly smaller
      • For example, instead of typing suffix you can instead type -s and it’ll do the same thing
      • A complete list of commands and shortcuts will be included below the changelog
    • Multiple commands can now be run in the same Mod

      • Instead of having to use 2 different mods you wish to run at the same time or that work together well you can now separate them using >
      • Example: Suffix ‘ryukbotROCKS’ on ‘ks’ value ‘20’ > textchat ‘0’ on ‘ks’ value ‘20’
    • Settings changes

      • All users will now see the previously hidden mods setting in ryukbot_settings.json
        • This will happen automatically and does not effect anyone that does not want to use mods
  • UPDATE v2.0.9

    • RBC update!
      • Added new extend command

        • Adds extra time to the end of the recording
        • Thanks @Ta5K for the idea
      • Added new comparisons “includes” and “excludes”

        • Basically, these commands allow you to use multiple mods on the same clip.
        • For example, Bookmark backup General could be called using includes ‘backup’ or includes ‘General’
        • however, it wouldn’t be called by either excludes ‘backup’ or excludes ‘General’ because it does in fact include those words.
        • The mod would be activated on excludes ‘Other’ though because it does not include “Other” in the value.
      • Added the ability to use & and | when selecting a value

        • These allow for you to require multiple includes or excludes on the same mod
        • & means it requires all of them while | means it only requires one on the list to run
        • For example, Bookmark backup would be called on includes ‘backup|General’ but not includes 'backup&General because it only include backup and not general.
        • Similarly, Bookmark backup would be called on excludes ‘backup|General’ but not excludes 'backup&General because while it does include backup it doesn’t include General.
        • You cant mix & with | in the same mod or it will not work.
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