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  • Hello! I’m a returning TF2 player and I am ready to commit to a highlander team for season 11.

    I am looking to join a newcomer, amateur, or intermediate, team. I can commit to attend scrims at least 2-3 nights a week in addition to the official game on Monday night.


    UGC NA Highlander:
    Steel s24 (WAWSH) 4-4
    Steel s25 (RPS) 3-3
    Silver s25 (GONK) 1-3

    UGC NA 6s:
    Steel s27 (NKCCS) 3-5

    RGL NA Prolander:
    One Day Cup #1 Div5 (WAWSH): 3-0
    One Day Cup #2 Div4 (6AO7): 2-1
    Amateur s3 (WAWSH): 3-4

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