Lizard LFT inv/adv heavy demo

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  • Lft invite or advanced. I mainly wanna play heavy but I’ll take demo offers.
    I play to win.

    9 seasons of experience, (5 placements)
    1670 hours on heavy
    My mechanics are very solid
    Willing to work to adapt to fit any team, I can maincall if needed
    I will not troll or soak up excessive amounts of heals (I know this used to be one of my biggest flaws and I’ve been working on this for 2 years)

    1 season of experience (1st place undefeated chall)
    630 hours on demo

    hmu 🙂

  • Lizard is actually crazy. If you still need a heavy or demo, pick him up for instant dubz

  • Spongebob, aka sonichu, aka Nutkicker4, aka Alec Baldwin, aka Lizard, aka a Goated teammate :). Undefeated 10-0 challenger demo. What more is there to say really… Lizard is an awesome dude and an awesome friend 🙂

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