FACEIT Competitive Sixes Beta Test Weekend

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  • Howdy everyone,

    This Friday, November 26th, starting at (EU 18 CET, NA 6pm Eastern), the Competitive 6v6 queue will be made publicly available for a short public beta test. While it will be publically available to everyone, we’re focusing initially on the existing competitive player base.

    As you all might have experienced, it’s not easy nowadays to find a quick competitive tf2 match. Many players want to try it out and there are not many active places right now that can easily provide it to them. While inhouse pugs exist, those typically are invite-only and can sometimes be slow to have games begin.

    This is exactly what we are trying to solve - We want to create a matchmaking service where anyone can come in and get a quick and balanced competitive match. It’s very different from the pug service in its approach and experience it offers, while it looks to provide a solution to an issue that we believe can help the sixes community grow and prosper.

    This is the first of our public beta tests. We’re going to be trying out different ideas, different settings over the coming weeks and figure out what works best for you and for the community. It’s virtually impossible to please everyone because so many people have a particular way they believe the game should be played. Our goal is to make as good of an experience for as many players as possible, where you can get into good games, quickly and easily.

    With this test, maybe we’ll be really close to what the public release will be, or maybe we’ll need to do something completely different. That is what we are here to find out.

    The first place prize this weekend is $100 and over 250,000 FACEIT Points being given out, per region. FACEIT also will not have prizes tied to premium, so everyone will be able to compete for these. They’ll also be broken down into three skill tiers, so you’re not competing against Invite players for prizes, if you’re IM or Open.

    ##Prizes/Ladders (Unique to each Region)

    High Ladder (Top 15 get prizes) - Skill level 10 through 8 - Top prize $100, Second place 50,000 FP - Total Prize pool 200k FACEIT Points

    Mid Ladder (Top 50 get prizes) - Skill level 7 through 5 - Top prize 10,000 FP - Total Prize pool 50k FACEIT Points

    Low Ladder (Top 50 get prizes) - Skill level 1-4 - Top Prize 5,000 FP - Total Prize pool 35k FACEIT Points

    The way these ladders work is that you get 14 points on a win and 9 points on a loss. So good win rates will help you go up higher, but people who grind with over 50% win rates can potentially claim the top spots as well.

    ##Daily Mission
    We also will have a daily mission that will give you up to 150 FACEIT Points if you complete them.

    Win 3 games
    Play 5 games


    Play the class(es) you want

    Next to the play button is a “Roles” drop down list. You can select one or all of the classes you want to play and when you get placed into a match you’ll be told what class you’re playing.

    What are the queue restrictions?

    For this weekend’s beta test, the queue will be restricted to solo queue. Note though, our goal is ultimately to allow parties, of some form, when the liquidity of the queue is healthy enough to support it.

    Voice Comms

    Players can use in-game voice, or our TF2 FACEIT Discord will have voice channels players can agree to join. Players also can choose to play in their own mumbles or other voice systems if they want.

    Server locations

    North American servers are located in Dallas.
    European servers are located in The Netherlands.

    Map List

    Gullywash, Snakewater, Sunshine, Refresh Metalworks, Refresh Process, Product, Clearcut, Bagel


    For this weekends test, we’ll be using the RGL whitelist and configs for both regions
    5cp - First to 5 or 30 minutes (ties result in golden cap round, first to 1 round win)
    KOTH - First to 3 rounds

    Is your ELO too low?

    If your ELO is too low, you can make a request in the TF2 FACEIT Discord in the #elo_adjustment_request. Post your FACEIT url and league URL (RGL or ETF2L.) Note we’d only adjust players who are consistently (EU) Div-2 or (NA) Adv/High Main or above in skill.

    Also note, if you want to be adjusted, it’s a manual process to review and update, so I highly suggest you do this before it opens on Friday.


    Who: Competitive TF2 players

    What: TF2 FACEIT Beta Test

    When: Friday 6pm (EU 6pm CET / NA 6pm EST) - Through early Monday morning

    Why: To test the FACEIT system and get feedback from players

    How: Go to your TF2 dashboard @ FACEIT and you should see the 6v6 queue

    Prizes: $100 top prize and 285,000 FACEIT Points to be given out this weekend

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