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  • Soooo here we go again. Our Team made Invite playoffs in S10 despite it was our second season in invite. Now we aim to place in invite in S11. I will be co-leading the team with Rogue ✌ feel free to message us for tryouts

    A little bit about Team Yeye, we have been a team together since S6 and have climbed the ranks together. We know how to work with each other and are excited to receive new members as our old teammates have retired or become subs 🙂 Our team comes with team therapy and minecraft… :3

    S11 Roster

    scout: dotwet
    enige: austin
    solly: LFP
    demo: dt 😊
    heavy: willy 😊
    pyro: pyrrhus
    medic: Rogue/Sakura
    sniper: michaelpc1
    spy: jayeezy


  • @sakura I can play heavy

  • enige: austin

  • egg: austin

  • maybe I come out of retirement and kill jemond as pootis :))

  • Pros: Willy and Rogue are my two favorite players these guys can give this team a placement level chance

    Cons: Wont pickup any vocal demo like dc instead are trying to get brand new demo players who haven’t ever played the class into invite to ( place )

  • Is this real LOL xD

  • “Rebel “ I rest my case

    Let me maincall over my demo then have my spot classes play mute the entire time kinda team

    If your demo you might as well have your microphone muted. You won’t be getting any calls on positioning so you might as well guess

    I didn’t have fun trying out for this team last preseason and I wouldn’t suggest this team to anyone.

    I hope dc was able to find a team he deserves it

    Wish dt the best of luck! Along with the rest of my friends on the team

    There are alot of good players on yeye, but the core that’s been around for multiple season has problems I think are harder to fix

    Mute spy
    Mute sniper
    Medic maincalling can’t work if those classes don’t talk
    I think the combo of yeye will struggle

    I won’t root against anyone, but if these problems don’t get fixed they won’t even make fourth seed

    The invite sixes talent they had is gone
    Invite got a lot weaker, but so did yeye

  • oh wow LOL :3

  • @Townze stop editing ur postttttss I keep getting notifications:3

  • dont listen to townze lmao this team could fs place

  • It’s quite impressive to be this wrong all the time.

    Yeye has some work to though but if they stick around they will make waves invite.

  • every reply here is from a paid actor and I just want to say none of you get paid enough for this quality of work

  • This post is deleted!
  • this might be the greatest lfp post in the history of lfp posts

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