LFT HL Scout/Sniper ADV:)

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  • I have played two seasons of mid main, I want to try to play adv, my DM is alright. I have played two seasons of main as scout and pyro mainly. I realized pyro is essentially holding m1 and +right. So I decided to go back to scout and I know I don’t have several logs yet vs adv-invite players, however I will be continuing to pug to build up more logs and experience against adv-invite players until the end of the PL season. I have an adv PL team(pl is a joke), I have a desire to improve and adapt.
    If you want me to sub, I can sub scout/soldier/pyro/heavy/engi/sniper.
    Message me at ice#1168

    Slowly adding logs -
    https://logs.tf/3071545#76561198241082898 - went even against mid-top adv players:)

  • Literally a goat, I’ve seen him play sniper, scout and pyro in hl and go off on all three. No doubt can go hard and is completely worth the time. Don’t sleep on him 🙏

  • good main player

  • hes been rlly fun to talk to and seems to have good mental. havent seen him play yet but ik he wants to improve. what more could u ask for

  • Was a solid mid main pyro, can’t comment on scout or sniper

  • really talented player ready to learn and a fun guy to play worth def worth picking him up

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