firepow LFT sub heavy or spy s11

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  • Hello 🙂

    Well my team died during Swiftwater week, and I am here to sub either Spy or Pootis next season. Looking for a team that is dedicated, non-toxic, and looking to get into playoffs in amateur or low intermediate.

    I am available every Monday, but not available every other Saturday or Sunday.

    Notable Seasons of Experience:
    S8 Amateur TAX FRAUD Main Demo - 3rd Place!
    S7 Amateur Good Manners (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S8 Amateur Team with People in it (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S9 Amateur: Team with People in it (4-3) 5th place! - Multi-class sub
    S10 Amateur: Lemon Lads Respawn! (dead) - Spy sub

  • +rep 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Awesome gamer and awesome dude who is always looking to improve. You’d have to be a dummy not to pick him up

  • firepootis spy low key kinda clean

  • great attitude guy who can improve a lot with a good team, will put in strong effort even as a sub, PICK THE POW UP

  • firepow comms on both spy and heavy are consistently very clean. pick my mans up

  • bumperino

  • A very dedicated man to his Heavy craft and always wanting to improve. I admire his hard work and strive to be a better Heavy. Talking with him is also a joyride. He’s great.

    That is why I am giving this LFT post my



  • Pow, win or loss, is always a person I love playing with, and someone who gives it his all. 👍

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