How do scrims work?

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  • How does playing scrims work? I can’t find any general information on how its hosted via servers.
    Is it: RGL creates a server for us to play on, we all hop into discord and then play? Please help, would be much appreciated.

  • RGL generally does not provide servers for scrims, they used to have servers to distribute to Newcomer/Amateur teams for matches, but I don’t think they’re still offering them though.

    Teams usually rent servers from services such as or Qixalite for free. Some teams like to have a home server that they buy from nfoservers or swiftnode. It means you have a guaranteed server for scrims and matches, but that option has a monthly cost.

    Regardless of which you decide to do, it’s highly recommended to use a server located in the central region such as Chicago or Dallas for play. If you’re struggling to find a server I also recommend contacting the team you’re scrimming and see if they have a server option you can use

  • Usually one of the teams will either buy their own server to host, or one of the teams can rent one from

    Even if you don’t know how to use serveme, it’s quite simple and intuitive to get the server, provided there are some available for use. If you run into issues getting servers when you need them, you can buy premium on serveme (it’s a very cheap per-month payment that you can cancel when the season is over), in which case you’ll almost never have issues getting a server.

    As far as setting up the server properly and using commands, etc. someone else would probably be better at explaining than I am. But first you have to put in the rcon info in console (don’t give this to anyone you don’t trust, the other team doesn’t need it either), and then you can type things in console like:

    rcon changelevel [map name]
    rcon mp_winlimit [number]
    rcon exec [name of config required]

  • @Markers Thanks for the help and information. I already am an event coordinator for a large gaming community, so getting servers set up wont be an issue.

    Have a good day.

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