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    I’ve been a part of RGL’s Highlander league since Season 6, and have learned a lot since then from personal observation and the advice of my peers and friends. Since the end of Season 8, I’ve been actively mentoring for Snipers from Newcomer to Main; I help with DM, game sense, and positioning to help ensure you’re an effective Sniper with minimal deaths.

    I do demo reviews, map reviews, and can generally answer most questions related to Highlander and playing Sniper. Feel free to chat with me or schedule something by messaging me on Discord (jimsgims#3811). I’m not one to reach out and look for new mentees; if you want input on how to get better, then you have to take that step and reach out to me.

    I’m also mentoring a main team for Season 12, though this is my first time doing so.

    Currently, I’m playing for Run It Back in Invite for Season 12.

    My time availability is based in EST. I currently have an inconsistent schedule with my part-time job, but I generally can tell you when I’m available up until the beginning of each month.

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  • I’ve been getting mentored by Jims since the end of Season 8 after I finished my first season in Newcomer, and I can safely say that one of the biggest reasons why I was able to make it this far was because of his reviews and advices. He’s helped me with a lot of things not only regarding DM/positioning stuff, but also on things like mental. Definitely recommend getting mentored by him. 🙂

  • JimsGims helped me a ton with my first actual season of playing (S11 Main)! Reviewed a lot of the maps with them and was able to do very well and improve as an individual because of it. Their availability was great and I was able to get reviews every time I asked, and the one time they were busy they did recommend other people to help! I’ve learned a lot about positioning, aiming style (which made my accuracy go from 40 average to 50), and general map knowledge (it was my first time learning any map.) Don’t be afraid to ask them for help if you need it! I’m someone who gets quite nervous around people I’ve never talked to before but it went well. I appreciate all the help I’ve received this season, so thank you❤️!

  • I recently got back into competitive TF2 after a five-or-so year hiatus and Jims has been a fantastic help. His map reviews and demo reviews were probably my biggest source of improvement this season; I never thought I could actually enjoy cp_steel. Absolutely recommend 👍

  • Jims mentored me in my first season sniping since UGC s18, and is one of the best mentors I’ve ever worked with. He is one of the only sniper mentors to cover not only positioning, but also aiming styles. My accuracy improved from 36% -> 42%, and he gave me the map knowledge to lead me to my first sniper gold medal. I owe it to JimsGims to my success playing sniper. Seriously a great mentor and I definitely recommend any aspiring snipers to seek mentoring from him.

  • this guy was literally born to be cracked at every video game, you cannot go wrong learning from him

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