Advanced is a joke

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  • I have absolutely no clue why the fuck RGL thought it would be a good thing to make advanced 12 teams, much less 14! At this point why not have challenger back if you were going to do this shit anyways?

    As a player on a team that would not make 8 team advanced, seeing some of the teams in this div is really fucking strange to me. Advanced is now challenger and should be treated as the div directly below invite. An optimal 12 team div would be the top 3 fighting for first, a solid 5-6 who are competitive and fighting for the other playoff seeds who could feasibly upset and a bottom 3 who are just happy to be there BUT THEY ARE STILL COMPETITIVE!

    It feels like its two divs now, low adv and high adv, much like main a few seasons ago these teams are on a completely different level from each other. Its ok to have a number 1 team who can roll everyone, but its not ok to have 5-6 teams who are going to roll the shit out of another 8. Just make another div at this point. The whole point was to move people down to make lower divs more competitive, now you ruined a div and made the rest shittier in the process.

    What the fuck are we doing?

  • where am I

  • @yate thats so true yate #true

  • Yeah this is cringe, making the divs bigger to let in the people who are mad they didn’t make it kills the div 😞 should have kept it round robin!

  • just get better

  • @pajaro i agree, upvoted.

  • incredibly based post

    @WiLLmaTiC and whoever else made the call to delete challenger in favor of dogshit swiss advanced: you are a clown that makes clown decisions

    bring back rr for adv asap

  • I remained convinced throughout the entire preseason that surely the admin team was only going to keep the collapsed Chal/Adv because the team numbers and skill levels called for it. But 14 teams? And apparently there’s a big skill gap in the middle of the div? Isn’t that exactly the scenario where you would want to split it into two RR divs? RR Chal + RR Adv was received very favorably.

  • Also like, you said it was going to be 12 teams, why isn’t 12 teams? If you can’t stick to the information you’re putting out to the community then just don’t put that information out. At this point just make it 2 divs who gives a shit if it’s 3 days before the season starts we didn’t get schedules until now anyways.

  • @cayorne completely agree.

  • rgl admins are incapable of making good decisions

    literally just keep it how it was last season, anything to not make adv swiss, i dont remember anyone complaining when you introduced challenger but a lot of people complained when challenger was removed, what was the catalyst to remove it anyway? what was the reason?

  • @Kastaling “In reality, the low Invite teams decided to play Challenger instead of Invite together for easier matches. Many of these issues were also seen when 6s added its “Div-1” and “Div-2”. After the removal of both divisions, large improvements were seen to the health in Invite in the following seasons.”

    From the article this is all that it says about Challenger being removed

    If the only issue is invite teams choosing to play Challenger instead of invite just don’t let them do that. If there isn’t space for every invite level team in invite, then you’re always going to have invite level team in the div below invite, and that’s just going to be worse with FOURTEEN TEAMS IN ADVANCED.

    Like you want to talk easy matches? Look at advanced right now and tell me teams aren’t going to have easy matches. You literally took the problem that was your reasoning behind making challenger and made it worse.

  • this mistake has already been done before man ffs WHEN WILL WE LEARN
    I BEG


  • Wasn’t this on the survey too? Could we please see the results? I assume RGL made this decision with the community’s support, so it’d make much more sense to explain the change with the poll results rather than not even mention them in the article explaining why challenger is now gone.

    I think if there weren’t gonna be many good teams, or teams in general, in the div below invite (like there was last season) then I can see the rationale behind killing challenger, though I’m not sure if I would agree with it.

    But deciding to kill challenger even before the staff had a good idea of what teams were gonna sign up? That just doesn’t seem like the decision was very well thought out.

  • 2 main teams begged to be put in adv and actually got in LMFAOOO GG

  • 8 team round robin adv should be the go to imo. Main has been losing a lot of it’s integrity throughout the past seasons, and because of that, it’s been becoming increasingly easy to just climb the ranks whether you are ready for it or not. it also makes it more rewarding when you do end up finally getting up to the next div, and makes you work harder to keep climbing like that. adv, being the division below invite, should serve as an “intro to invite” kind of thing imo, getting players ready for when they may end up making their eventual invite debut.

    Also, hearing that there were multiple teams that just went to the admins and got moved up after they received their placements its very concerning. If it’s going to be like that, bring back adv quals, or bring back chal. One team getting moved up? maybe. BOTH teams? no way, that should not be happening.

  • @ckrow @Jason tbf that happened last season too, adv was supposed to be rr but two or three teams complained and advanced was opened to pretty much anyone who wanted to play in advanced. I won’t go into details on the whole affair, but not everyone on the staff agreed on whether or not adv should have quals or not or be rr or swiss.

  • I don’t have much to add since I’ve already made my points when I commented on the initial announcement. Overall disappointing outcome though.

    Personally how I would have sorted teams:
    1 Train Station (invite qual movedown)
    2 itsyAcore Expereince (invite qual movedown)
    3 Home Depot (mid-high adv)
    4 Ugandan Ghetto Airforce (3rd place Chall s9)
    5 say our heavys name (mid-high adv)
    6 dreamwastaken (Invite offclass)
    7 21 & Women (Invite offclass)
    1 Kaboom Kollective
    2 9:30 Bedtime
    3 Insidious
    4 Vindicators

    Rest moved down regardless of complaints–unless they can make a really good case for themselves
    I came up with this listing just by scanning logs quickly, looking at the overall previous exp, and seeing what names i recognized. Took me about 15 minutes top.

  • @tua

    but two or three teams complained and advanced was opened to pretty much anyone who wanted to play in advanced

    may i ask why this is an option for teams, i get wanting to maybe get moved down but if u want something to be like 12 team why ever listen to those team leads

  • @ckrow well the complaints at the time was regarding Advanced qualifiers. There were about 6 teams that could’ve been in qualifiers but I had to pick 4, so a few teams got cucked. Eventually, qualifiers were done away with (not getting into that) and all teams that could have potentially been in qualifiers were put into advanced.

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