google sent me a coding interview

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  • 2 problems in 90 minutes gotta do it by the 21st wish me luck

  • go get that dosh bruv
    hope you’ve been no-lifing that leetcode

  • @tua I have not slept in 24 hours i have done nothing but study the google interview. I found a list of potential questions they ask on the online assessment, conveniently it’s a list on leetcode. Will take a break for the rest of today

  • @berryy Actually that’s a lie. I stopped for a bit to do an adv C++ lab then proceeded to go back to the studying

  • alt text
    alt text

    Now I was able to solve them both in <30 minutes

    Down side the 2nd solution was O(n^2) (slow) and I couldn’t come up with a solution that passed all the tests that had a better time.

    I did ALMOST have a better solution, but it wasn’t passing Test 1 and I could not figure out why.

    As for what’s next, in the next couple of weeks I should get an email that lets me know if I continue or not. If I do continue, it’ll be a phone interview where I have to solve ANOTHER coding problem on Google Docs.

  • @berryy Good luck! Just remember that if you don’t get this, it’s not the end of the world, there are plenty of other FAANGs and other big tech companies out there with excellent pay and a high rep, like IBM for example.

  • @tua I applied to IBM actually.

  • Okay I didn’t make it to the next interview. Was good to be able to do the first coding exercise though.

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