KogaTM87 LFT Soldier Advanced/ Sniper Main

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  • Yo, I’ve been out of TF2 for a few years, but I’m thinking about finally returning to competitive now that my job allows me some spare time.

    I have nearly 7k hours on TF2, 1k of which are on Soldier, and 600 on Sniper. I started playing tf2 in UGC Season 6 (super boomer), and before I stopped playing I led a team that placed 2nd in UGC Gold (Season 13), and played a season or two in low plat as Soldier. At some point, I mained Soldier, Demo, Engie, and Medic, as well as off-classing in 6’s on teams at a decent level, so I have some pretty broad experience.

    Not only looking to have fun, but to also improve together with a team. Might take me a minute to warm back up to the game and see what has changed, but I should still have good muscle memory and game sense.

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